A Humble Reconceptualization of Covid19 Respiratory Failure in Search of Medication Interventions


//Credit where it is over due: This post would have been impossible without the courage and convictions of Dr. Kevin W McCairn, Ph.D. Neuroscientist-Reaseacher. His work on elucidating the mechanisms behind Tourette’s Disorder for children led to his insights regarding the brain-behavior connections of Covid19 viral infections. He brought the public’s attention to outlier behaviors of Covid19 patients such as spitting, smearing infected fluids on elevator buttons, spitting on produce, coughing of infected persons on uninfected persons, and fist fighting of normally over-socialized persons over purchasing face masks. He has used his youtube channel under his own name, to broadcast a warning to all persons about these dangerous behaviors and their source in Covid19 neurological invasion. Without his having manifested his knowledge in this courageous way, I would never have been moved to write about these critical issues.//

Let’s treat the impulsive behaviors of infected Covid19 patients as impulse control failure and excessive signaling similar to a seizure. Let’s extend that ‘electrical circuit model’ to what is happening to the respiration of covid19 patients, whose lungs are functional but who cannot breathe.

“65 year old man coughs and spits on grocery store produce in Massachusetts”. —That sounds like poor judgement (or no judgement) combined with a failure of impulse control, coupled with loss of control over salivation, coupled with disinhibition of social norms awareness.

Add to that the phenomena of respiratory failure in severe infections.  A Manhattan doctor says that his traditional methods for treating respiratory distress are not effective and that he is losing many patients he would ordinarily save using traditional protocols for pneumonia.  He claims his patients lungs are functional, yet they cannot access enough oxygen.

Add to that awareness that SarsCov viruses have a researched history of neurological invasion and can form the basis of a wide range of neurological disorders and symptoms. From tics or OCD behaviors, from seizures to blackouts, from hallucinations to failure to smell, failure to taste, blindness……

We can see the impact of Covid19 infection on the brain in the disruptive behaviors of spitters, fighters, and smearers on youtubes out of China, Japan and out of the news story from Mass. in the USA. It is real.

Let’s tie the impulsive behaviors and the failure of the respiratory system in Covid19 together. They both have their origins in the brain. Remember, it’s not the salivary glands nor the healthy lungs which have failed here.

(One patient kept herself alive in the ICU by voluntarily breathing her lungs when they would not operate autonomously through her brain circuitry. Her lungs were operational and responded to voluntary signaling. Her autonomous breathing circuits or switching circuits in the brain were not working while she was infected with the virus.  What can we learn from her experience.?) We will return to this in a minute.

Recall that any electrical circuit requires a power source, a ground, and a load (a light bulb, a motor). Many problems in circuits are not the fault of the lightbulb or motor (in this case the lungs or the salivary glands of the spitters).

In the case of the spitters, the problem seems to be at the switch system and all of its various variable mechanisms. In the case of the lungs, the problem is either at the switch and power side or in the wiring to and from the lungs.

In the case of spitters, it is more likely that the power system is disinhibited at the switch sort of like a seizure in which too many signals are sent out, paralyzing the system. The switch appears to be stuck in the ‘on’ mode. If that is the case we can conceptualize that we need to slow the signals, or reduce the signal strength as we do with dilantin for seizures. As we do in ADHD by adding stimulants? Remember here that I have no answers, only questions.

In the case of healthy lungs failing to respond, I would check all systems. I would first make sure that the signaling circuits are structurally sound and not destroyed by the virus. I would make sure that signals are coming from the brain and at the correct strength. I would also check the lungs to make sure that the ‘ground’ side of the circuit is working. Are the lungs able to relay back to the brain that they have received the incoming signal to the lungs?

Power levels. 1) Make sure that there is not too much power on the wires to the lungs as in the case of seizures. 2) Make sure that power is not being wrongfully distributed down the incorrect circuit as in using the grounding wire to carry power by mistake to the load. If the current travels down the ground wire, there is no ‘ground’ to complete the circuit. Is there a source of resistance on the wires? Partial breaks or open wires?

Testing the switch? In power circuits you test the switch by closing it then look for power on the load side, after having established power on the power source wire. Sometimes the switch can be stuck in the open position, unable to close and complete the circuit. Sometimes the switch can close but the contacts are corroded and cannot conduct electrons. Is there a comparable way to test the medulla, the basal ganglia, the limbic system??? Are the signals from these systems in Covid19 patients at the normal strength. If the switch is partly blocked or corroded, the resistance from the blockage in the switch may reduce the signal strength in the wiring.

One patient kept herself alive in the ICU by voluntarily breathing her lungs when they would not operate autonomously through her brain circuitry. Her lungs were operational and responded to voluntary signaling. Her autonomous breathing circuits or switching circuits in the brain were not working while she was infected with the virus.  What can we learn from her experience.?

Lungs?? operational. Voluntary muscles and signaling?? Okay. Her Autonomous circuit was impaired during her illness, but was able to recover after the virus cleared.

What can we do to boost the functioning of her impaired circuits during the active phase of the infection?  Dopamine, stimulants, serotonin? SSRIs, Epinephrine?

Brain geography. Which part of the brain requires the shortest time for the virus to infect? It is a short distance from the olfactory bulb to the basal ganglia. Shorter than from the lungs in a retrograde infection back up through the lung neurons to the brain. Let’s assume that the type of damage to brain circuits will mimic the damage done by the virus to the olfactory bulb nerves. That assumption gives you kind of a simplistic model for damage further along the road through the brain from the virus.

Inflammation in the brain. What does Covid19 do to the wiring. Does this destroy the myelin sheath, == breaking the circuits?? Should we be looking for an ‘open circuit’ in the signaling to the lungs? (An open circuit is a wire with a gap, a ‘break’ which stops transmission of signals). Should we consider drugs used to treat multiple sclerosis?

Brain immune system functioning. What can we do to boost the immune system in the brain to aid in repair to damaged ‘wiring’???? Or, what can we do to remove virus created restraints on the brain’s immune system???? We know Lyme’s disease disables natural immune system agents and hijacks the cytokines to spread Lyme’s. What does this virus do to capture the brain’s natural immune responses? As far as I am aware, the immune system is the only agent capable of wrapping demyelinated wires with ‘black tape’ to repair the signaling circuits.  Again, should we consider drugs for M.S.?? Drugs to suppress a corrosive cytokine cascade?

I am literally brainstorming here. Forgive my humble, simplistic, ignorant formulations.




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Everyone Should Wear A Mask. (to Defeat Covid19)

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Paranoid Rage and Countries’ Casus Belli As Symptoms of Neuroinvasion by Covid19

Kevin McCairn Ph.D.’s work suggests that Covid19 is well on its way to disrupting the world through biological devastation of entire populations and through the lack of insight into the disruption of their own limbic systems by world leaders. Everyone should own their own pathological reactions due to disinhibition of their brains. Leaders should contemplate what it means to disinhibit our worst impulses and then to act on these reactive, hostile, externalizing, blaming, attacking behaviors. My response is to post post-its all around the internet saying, “DON’T do it!” “STOP”. “Don’t go where you are going. Your certainty is just your limbic system telling you to jump off a cliff.”

When America blames China and China blames America and both are armed with nuclear weapons it is no different than the backwoods fight between the McCabes and the McCoys, and it always ends badly. We see people fighting over toilet paper and know that for them, it is too late to isolate. If they are fighting and killing each other, they are already infected. We see people waiting for hours to buy masks and fighting with each other in line. Not merely yelling, but using their fists. Link below to Dr. McCairn’s work.

Unsuspecting people are being subjected to mania from this disease and are becoming hyperkinetic and are  likely to run into conflict with others who are similarly afflicted. Their brains are being hijacked by a virus.

Brain systems do much more than simply control breathing and heart beats. Your sleeping. Your energy level. Your movements. Your moods. Your sociability. Your tolerance for stimuli. All these are affected by this viral invasion. Yes. Your stomach can be emptied through vomiting by this virus. So can your bowels. The virus can get to any part of the brain in three synaptic hops according to Dr. Mccairn. There is communication throughout the brain. The abnormal behaviors we see on the streets seem consistent with neuroinvasion by a virus. I am surprised we do not hear more about mental status problems, and more about delirium and irrational sequelae to the infection.

(In order to treat these symptoms I/we need to look to preexisting research on Tourettes, on Rabies, on OCD, on meningitis, on seizures, on brain inflammation, on hoarding, on mania, on the Botzinger Complex, on fecal smearing behaviors….That’s for today’s studying and mining the pubmed. ) What do we know about the pathology leading to perseveration of impulses?? It is a race against time!

Will world leaders realize that their thinking, feeling and action impulses are being driven by brain symptoms of Covid19? Of will they launch wars against nonenemies, or focus obsessively like Captain Ahab on internal perceptions of enemies that have no basis in reality? Will there be virus driven war? Or self-awareness, self-monitoring,  Can they STOP? Or must they,— through virus-induced OCD, press the shiny red button?

If you care about this and are in agreement that we must face our darkest least social impulses and fight back against them I hope you can hear my praise and applause for you.

[Insert a photo of RAF pilots racing for their planes, hoping to get in the air in time to intercept the German bombers before they reach London. Godspeed men! Let’s stop them at the Channel!]

Kevin McCairn references this article: Yan Chao Li et al’s article:




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Covid19 Attacks the CNS Resulting In Disinhibition of Fear, Rage, resulting in Impulsive Behaviors In Some Cases.

Kevin McCairn, PhD., a neuroscientist specializing in understanding the CNS behind Tourettes disorder using the rabies model of synaptic transfection, is warning everyone that their nervous system is a prime target of Covid19. The entry point is through the nose via the olfactory bulb, and from there the virus spreads from synaptic system to synaptic system, with the invasion effective within a three week period.

McCairn warns that he sees a parallel between the disinhibition by Covid19 and disinhibition through Tourette’s disorder. Covid19 is associated with the antisocial behaviors seen on videos of Chinese spitting on doorknobs, wiping elevator buttons with spit, angry attacks on pedestrians, vengeful attacks on doctors with the intention of causing harm to their targets. Amplification of fear through the amygdala and disinhibition of systems involved in self-control, may be behind much of the bad behavior and irrational behaviors we are seeing, from people fighting over toilet paper and stealing from each others shopping cart, to street assaults by strangers.

McCairn points out that normally we spend tremendous amounts of glucose and oxygen inhibiting ourselves from antisocial behaviors. Normally, the impulses we have are held in check through a system of active inhibition. Covid19 disables these systems. He warns that we should be careful about our own impulses and fears at this time, especially risk taking, as the virus may be creating a sort of stinking thinking oblivious to normal awareness of the consequences of our actions. The virus is benefitted when it invades our CNS because it nullifies our risk-reward calculations, and lowers our normal inhibition, our normal cautiousness, and prudence.

McCairn warns that this could happen to anyone, anywhere who is infected or who is adjacent to a person who is infected. He is concerned that reports of mild asymptomatic persons who report loss of smell are being ignored and or misunderstood. Just as conjunctivitis from Covid19 is more than pink eye, McCairn sees these symptoms and behaviors as pointing to CNS damage. People dropping in the street, sudden deaths, may be related to CNS damage to central automatic systems which control and regulate heart and breathing functions. One patient reported that in order to stay alive in the ICU she had to consciously and deliberately take breaths as her CNS had stopped sending those signals to her lungs. McCairn points to patients whose hearts have simply stopped beating as  further evidence of CNS invasion.

McCairn fears that Americans may be at risk of becoming violent and acting on impulses which they would ordinarily hold well in check. Americans are armed and this virus could make them act without thinking of consequences, based upon primitive impulses from the disease CNS.  Because of his work to understand rabies, he understands that viruses can hop from synaptic system to synaptic system; he’s seen animals with rabies act without any control, having erections, shitting uncontrolled. In other words, ‘totally losing it’.

McCairn sees impulsive behavior through infection by Covid19 as another vector for Covid19 to use to spread itself. He worries that young people are especially at risk as their awareness of their own impulsivity is just beginning, and just developing. They need to be aware that their brains may be at risk for infection, and look for unusual behaviors, things they do which are not in their usual ‘set of behaviors’, out of character for themselves.This advice applies to all ages.

People need to be vigilant about sudden changes in behavior: aggression in the peaceful or normally diffident. Sociability in the normally timid. Rage in the normally self controlled.

Access to firearms in America will not be a plus in this situation. Video below by Dr. McCairn


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Neuroscientist sees strong connection between Covid19 infections and irrational, aggressive, behaviors and also sudden deaths from heart pathologies and respiratory failures.

The virus attacks the brain via infection through the nasal olefactory system which enables breaching the brain barriers, then transfection from synapse to synapse damages brain areas, one after the other. He says the process occurs within 3 weeks of infection.

The Chinese saw clinical markers at the level of the nervous system, but our media has overlooked these dangerous symptoms.

With disinhibition increasing in the brain in response to brain damage from Covid19, people become disinhibited and act upon normally suppressed aggressive impulses. Reports of a man spitting on others with the intention to infect them, grabbing at doctors masks, saying that they want to take doctors with them if they die, came out of China but were ignored as one-off events. This scientist sees these behaviors as a strong symptom trend.

When disinhibited, people attack others physically as the report of a case of a man in India who bit an old woman to death. Disinhibition means people act on their anger, on their angry feeling, on their angry thoughts, by physically hitting others, yelling at others, and saying what they would ordinarily repress.

The other more subtle impact of brain damage from Covid19 are impacts on automatic bodily functions, like impulses to keep the heart pumping and the wiring which sustains breathing. Both can be impaired to the extent that it kills. The latter explains sudden death and people just dropping in the streets in China.

The knowledge or awareness of this attack on the brain should help physicians understand why attempts to heal individuals in the ICU is so difficult and often unrewarding. Perhaps doctors can save more lives by figuring out how to intervene sooner with antivirals to prevent brain damage.

Don’t just tell people to go home. Give everyone antivirals right away. Prevent the zombie apocalypse. Doctors, now you know. Get busy. Treat these symptoms with the same love you treat a cough, shortness of breath, and fevers.




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Americans Should Start Wearing Face Masks If They Want to Stop the Spread of Covid19

From the Chinese Covid19 researcher:

: What mistakes are other countries making?

A: The big mistake in the U.S. and Europe, in my opinion, is that people aren’t wearing masks. This virus is transmitted by droplets and close contact. Droplets play a very important role—you’ve got to wear a mask, because when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth. Many people have asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections. If they are wearing face masks, it can prevent droplets that carry the virus from escaping and infecting others

Note that the NYTs today has a section promoting masks today, 3/28/20, three months after the beginning of this epidemic????

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Here’s why it should be a rule that everyone wear a mask.

Viral load in your lungs , low or high is correlated with whether you get a mild or severe case of COVID19.

This is the abstract of an article in chinese:

The outbreak of the 2019-nCoV infection began in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei province, and rapidly spread to many provinces in China as well as other countries. Here we report the epidemiological, clinical, laboratory, and radiological characteristics, as well as potential biomarkers for predicting disease severity in 2019-nCoV-infected patients in Shenzhen, China. All 12 cases of the 2019-nCoV-infected patients developed pneumonia and half of them developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The most common laboratory abnormalities were hypoalbuminemia, lymphopenia, decreased percentage of lymphocytes (LYM) and neutrophils (NEU), elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), and decreased CD8 count. The viral load of 2019-nCoV detected from patient respiratory tracts was positively linked to lung disease severity. ALB, LYM, LYM (%), LDH, NEU (%), and CRP were highly correlated to the acute lung injury. Age, viral load, lung injury score, and blood biochemistry indexes, albumin (ALB), CRP, LDH, LYM (%), LYM, and NEU (%), may be predictors of disease severity. Moreover, the Angiotensin II level in the plasma sample from 2019-nCoV infected patients was markedly elevated and linearly associated to viral load and lung injury. Our results suggest a number of potential diagnosis biomarkers and angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) drugs for potential repurposing treatment of 2019-nCoV infection.”

I don’t know enough about the ACE2 inhibitors. The drugs which inhibit ACE2 may in fact increase #s of ACE2. I just cannot say.

But if viral load (the dose of infectious virons) in the lungs is correlated with severity of Covid19, then everyone should reduce infectious virons ability to get into their lungs!

Wear masks. Even kids should wear a mask!

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