Wrinkled Hippies Wave “Hello!”

Some word images for Memorial Day 2015.

From the NY Times, two pages single spaced, fine print, lists of names, printed in black ink, against white paper of thousands of CEOs receiving  an average of 22 million dollars in pay this year.

From Washington, D.C., the Vietnam Memorial, fifty plus thousand names in light print against a black background, deaths of Americans boys, just like me, only dead…..

Starting ‘color’ revolutions which lead to violence and then repression. Then supporting new dictators who condemn the elected representatives of the ‘color’ revolutions to death…….

Drone bombing people who inspire terrorists to attack us, so we go back and drone bomb people with profiles including statements that they do not want to be drone bombed….

NYPD sweeping Occupy from the Park in the middle of the night….backstage war resisters sitting in molding basements full of protest posters, signs, paintings…..

Unarmed black men thinking, “they can just shoot us down, anytime, any day and there’s nothing that we can do to stop them…”

Uncle MoneyBags, Buffet,  saying poor people should realize that rich people are more deserving than they are and how rich people should have all of the $$pie.  A nuclear bomb would level the economic playing field…..

Wall Street financier, too drunk on champagne to inhibit his disdain, pees out the skyscraper window onto Zuccotti Park below, “enjoy the golden stream, kiddies”.

GPS on every iphone in Liberty Park. Arresting protestors before they could get down the stairs of their apartment buildings, before they could even meet………….

It said in Chinese and in English, “Do not eat this.” on the box containing his new pair of Dr. Scholl’s walking shoes. Don’t eat the manmade material in the shoes either……

Your Anti-Global-Warming Protest is an NSA approved protest. You may advance to the free speech area which does not have militarized police in MRAP trucks and .50 cal weapons. 

You have to pay monthly towards private healthcare insurance or the Feds will come and seize your whatnots?….no healthcare was received during any of these transactions……..

A volunteer army means you can choose to starve or sign up. Like mercenaries, they get paid to kill other poor people, to protect rich peoples’ junk. They get paid. It is not charity work.

They give me free paint so that they can get rid of their mixing mistakes: copperish greens, whitish oranges, and get a tax write-off for donating this brownish mud to me.

The tentacles of the armed services span across the globe in a vast empire of bases. Foxes have dens and birds, nests, but the Son of Man has no home and nothing to eat, and only one pair of pants without holes in the knees.

On the Tire shop’s big screen TV I saw 3 homicides, 1 domestic violence incident, two rapes…..and learned that policemen always tell the truth and are nonviolent. Only bad guys have guns.

I never saw a rusted police car or a broken down military truck or an air force aircraft with a wing held on with aluminum sticky tape and bailing wires. Or officers picking up remainders at the Food Bank.

If only the Little People Countries would Obey, the Exceptional countries would not have to shoot, bomb, invade, and bully them into giving over all of their natural resources…..

So many snitches now, they are available at every store you shop at, every gas station, and are posted along the way home, even at the stop lights…..go to the police and turn yourself in, arrest yourself and save them the time and money.

Big Media so far off the money, to know what’s going on, just close your eyes and imagine what might be really happening, or go outside to the street and just look with your own eyes….I mean…if the lights went out and the fellow next to you started shaving your face, would it really make a big difference? Not if you keep watching the boob tube.

It’s tea for two. 2 beautiful Japanese blue print China cups, a steaming pot of hot water! Oops! She went to rich peoples’ property extraction Court and now you can’t even afford a date and tea bags.

“They are takin’ our jobs!” Which one of the two was that?  The two jobs three hundred applied for in Pittsburgh?  94 million jobless are easy to miss. 94 million jobs would be hard to ignore.

The Services means job security, so does paying both sides in a civil war in the ME. Then the ‘democratic’ countries can R2P them, and recolonize each and every one.

Change the name from Department of Defense to the Transformative Forces, able to wipe out elites and culture in any country. A wrecking crew capable of creating synthetic peace: rubble, graves, debris, the absence of human beings. (Too stupid to know how to plant a tree.) Gave them the Libya treatment and re-supplied them with enough arms to murder each other. Humanitarian genocide.

Ramshackle fallen down old barn, no one wants to use you. Old house with old person living in the kitchen all year round. Young people own nothing but debts. The spirit of the place fled from it, along with the jobless youth. 

All that bailout money went to the Wall St. banks and banks want us to pay for it. The young people will eventually rebel and burn the place down but first they have to figure out who done it. If Wall St. was only marked with bright red flagging tape so the young people could find it…….

If China buys up Apple and Apple and Google buy up New York State will we be working making Dr. Scholl’s shoes and sending them to rich countries like China with a little sticker on the cardboard box,  says,… in Chinese, then English: “Don’t Eat this.”?

It’s Memorial Day. If you have to make war, make war against the rich and powerful. Just lay down your arms, and their rich man’s army will be defeated, and all of us will be free.

The only thing that stands between a soldier and a decent life are the people who want everything for themselves.















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A Note of Appreciation To Senator Rand Paul.

Thank you for speaking up for Americans’ rights to privacy, both in their words and in their deeds, and for speaking against government overreach in sharing the data with law enforcement and private companies. Mass surveillance has silenced would be government whistleblowers who serve as a check against government wrong doing, and has allowed zealous government prosecutors to send one whistleblower to prison based upon circumstantial evidence (metadata). The New York Times sequestered the story of your filibuster on Page 17 of the May 21st, 2015 issue. 

Repealing the Patriot Act and not passing enabling legislation like the Freedom Act would be great, but there’s more to be done than merely those tasks. Surveillance has now entered into the active and disruptive actions “phase” wherein dissidents, reformers and simple political opposition speakers are being targeted for dirty tricks, as in CoIntelPro behaviors. New legislation permitting disruptive acts by intelligence and law enforcement has been passed in France, the U.K. and in Canada. Using the power of total data collection and file aggregations for each citizen, isolating individuals and groups for attacks will be easier than ever. The use of snitch informants is ubiquitous and DOJ even has a program specializing in entrapments of foolish people into faux terror plots of government’s own creation.  We have gone far beyond mere bulk collection of telephone call records. This is the informational-totalitarian state. Programs operate secretly without permission from Congress while legislators play dumb as if it is not happening. 

Few people realize that full content is being taken even though leaked records show New Zealand doing this. People do not understand that disruptive spying in one country with in the five eyes spy system, means disruptive spying in all of those participating countries using the NSA Global Reach program. Within the US, the ICReach programs allows the three letter spy agencies FBI-CIA-DEA-DOJ-NSA and defense intelligence agencies to share information, prepare parallel construction cases, and use it as a dragnet. Local law enforcement is also allowed access to information from the Federal level systems. In addition, the large internet companies are a part of this spy operation. Also the private contractors in the government spy business are making billions of dollars doing this work for the government. Snowden worked for one of those contractors. 

The access to our internet data is made three ways: open source from the data brokers of the internet, access to the pipes of the net as they go from continent to continent, and direct access to important internet service servers such as Facebook, Apple, Google, and so on. All of the phone companies around the globe have server access points which governments have demanded they allow them to access. Vodafone made that revelation last summer. In additon, a program called xKeystroke can follow every move a user makes in real time. They really have become the Borg.

But this note is a note of appreciation for your solitary efforts to throw off the tyranny of the home invasions and illegal searches made to our digital lives. Thank you Senator Rand Paul. 

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If Intel is Committing Crimes There, They are Also Violating Laws Here: Don’t Compartmentalize.

We saw the re-emergence of counterintelligence at Occupy Wall Street and then against activists opposing the building of the tar sands carrying pipeline, Keystone XL.  We watched as anti-fracking activists were targeted and surveilled in Pennsylvania and New York by national security agencies. We read in the NSA documents that the British intel agencies created their own disruptive, coercive policies under JTRIG, through which reputation destruction and destroying activist group cohesion techniques were deployed. People who were working for positive change in their society were being lured into discrediting behaviors or being pinned to discrediting associations. We understand that Canada has just formalized into law these disruptive intel actions, based not upon probable cause of their victims, but the paranoia and suspicion of their police and intel perpetrators, under the new Law, C-51. We should expect to be subjected to the same abusive intel behaviors here in the U.S.. 

The tendency for an individual is to say, I have not done anything wrong, how does that apply to me or my country. After all, if they are collecting full content of all telephone and internet calls in New Zealand, how does that apply to me, here in the U.S.?? But the bitter truth is that if a spy program is being utilized in one of the five eyes countries, you can safely bet that it is not being left idle in the other four. And, why would you want to leave yourself vulnerable to these deliberately invasive spying techniques?

“CSIS’ Use of Disruption to Counter National Security Threats” is a public document which explains the rationale behind the initiation of disruption attacks on Canadians. Just Google it to learn how the paranoid intel in Canada decided to invade the privacy and to disrupt the lives of Canadians, based upon their fear of the unknown, the possibly hidden, and the possibility that citizens might pose a threat in the future in a future action, presently unknown. That sure sounds like paranoid delusional thinking to me. But my point, is that now that we know Canadians are getting this disruption-coercion, we can bet that Americans are subject to this too. 

This is what we can expect:

Eyes-on-surveillance” (essentially organized stalking),break-ins, demagnetization of bank cards, vandalism,smear campaigns, installing rootkits and vicious malware on computers, overwhelming a vehicle’s electronics to cause malfunction and injecting metallic noise onto a home’s powerlines resulting in sleep deprivation are all tactics used in disruption. The end game in disruption is a “sting.” Hence agent provocateurs are brought in to try to dupe the target into committing a crime or acting “dangerous.”


Don’t ignore what is going on around you. The Canadian intel folks say that they have prevented “radicalization” through letting targets know that they are being monitored 24/7. That sure worked out well in France. It is not just that this policy is nuts, it is also stupid. 

Don’t ignore the facts. This is the new no-touch torture in Canada. And if you think that it is not going on here in the U.S., how foolish is that???? 

Updated May 18th, 2015: Britain is going to allow police to disrupt any group or persons deemed to be ‘extremist’ or threatening the perceived order.


Updated May 21st, 2015: NSA hacked iphones to be able to implant spyware and to conduct disruptive man-in-the-middle attacks on targets:


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FBI Gives Environmentalists The “Extremists” Treatment.

You heard it here last because I am blocked from accessing the Guardian site. Why? The Guardian says that there is no problem on their end. According to the Guardian headline:

The folks who opposed the Keystone XL pipeline apparently so pissed off the Petroleum Industry Monarchs, that they convinced the FBI to go after them. The FBI, through the CoIntelPro program of the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s and 90’s and the 2000’s have shown themselves to be the secret police of corporate America. With the introduction of terrorism laws, what better things does the FBI have to do than to violate the right to free speech of Americans protesting the ways in which we plan to burn up the planet and advance Global Warming until we are all extinct. 

More at common dreams.


The original article:


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Torture, and the Abuse of Psychologists’ Professionalism.

James Risen’s book, Pay Any Price. Greed, Power and Endless War. 2014  P.163-201., describes the development of the American torture programs with the complicity of the Psychologists and the APA, their professional association. Only one apparent whistleblower, Gerwehr, who died in a motor cycle accident, at age 40, looked to be on the edge of opening up to a journalist at Vanity Fair who was investigating the work of psychologists in the Bush administrations torture program. The inhumanity inflicted on torture victims  and the blind obedience shown by psychologists working as advisors and torture planners and as torturers, is astounding. 

The author Freire is quoted as saying, “Lovelessness is the central feature of oppression.” (paraphrased) The kind of misery inflicted upon victims was loveless.  Torture victims were stripped of their humanity by being called enemy combatants who were labelled this way in order to move them outside the accountability of international humanitarian law. Waterboarding, and rectal feeding are simply vengeance with the intent to cause suffering. Isolation and creating fear of being lost to the world, are the tools of the heartless and the depraved. Inflicting pain was described by low level torturers as a rewarded central objective. Misuse of victim’s known psychological vulnerabilities, their phobias, encouraged a bias toward SADISM.

Willingness to work with soldiers to harm victims knowing that no factual intel would result, suggests psychologists’ COLLUSION. Silence in the face of the facts showing that torture was pointless and useless suggests professional ACEDIA, one of Dante’s punishable sins against a loving god, the failure to do the right thing, when they knew exactly what they should have done. Then distancing blame from one’s own actions and allowing low, entry level soldiers to take the blame for torture when the truth came out, suggests cowardice, allowing others to be scapegoated for their own orders. Finally, denying policy makers to know that the program served no purpose other than for personal enrichment of the torturers, suggests deliberate SECRECY. Selling the techniques as ‘safe’ to provide cover that torture was humane, was a perversion of professionalism, a deliberate selling out of ETHICS in order to “follow orders” and to follow a path to wealth. Finally as SCIENTISTS, to allow non existent ‘secret’ data to state that the techniques were ‘useful’ and ‘safe’ was to defraud and denigrate an entire profession which had been associated with helping people. Cutting a deal with the defense department to obtain prescription privileges in exchange for offering the program the imprimatur of scientific-ness and objectivity, was CORRUPT.

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Happy Mother’s Day NSA! Thanks for the Death Rays!!/s

If you have been following the NSA mass surveillance revelations since June, 2013, you will have learned an overwhelming amount about the NSA programs from the documents shared by Edward Snowden and reported by journalist, Glenn Greenwald and editors at major newspapers such as the Guardian. 

For this writer overcoming two cognitive blocks was the first task: the complete denial of agency for these programs by the NSA and by the government politicians who approved them, and funded them through legislation. And the mass media’s attacks on the messengers who were delivering the ‘truth’ about these programs on a weekly basis. 

The first two stories revealed the mass surveillance of Americans’ phone calls and the complete exploitation of internet companies and access to the web through the Prism program. To familiarize the public to all of the programs publicized by the newspapers, Glenn Greenwald wrote and published in record time, No Place To Hide.**

The beauty of the slow release of all of the mass surveillance stories has been the display of complacency by internet corporations whose complicity makes the mass surveillance possible. In addition, politicians have also been given an opportunity to show their craven subjugation to corporate influences by failing to pass reforms banning mass surveillance at the NSA. The President of the United States has had an opportunity to flip flop between denying the significance of the surveillance, to admitting reforms were necessary to address privacy rights, to being currently oblivious to obvious violations of first and fourth amendment rights by the NSA, CIA, DEA, FBI, and the DOJ. New, serious candidates for President in 2016 have also made reform the last thing on their list of promised changes. And, finally, an Intel chief has been permitted to complain on TV that they do not have access to enough Americans’ personal, private information and to admit indirectly that they intend to access it all, and collect it all, as aptly proved in Greenwald’s book. You should read it if you have not. 

In Appelbaum’s recent talk here, I found a report of a sort of computer ‘death ray’ NSA program. 


The latest revelation from Appelbaum’s talk which has me shocked is the NSA’s capacity to turn anyone’s computer work session into an 1 kilowatt radiation bath which would be produced by an external  continuous wave generator.* This is the most dramatic “active” surveillance so far. It is described in Appelbaum’s talk which may have occurred last year. We know that this kind of energy can damage human cells and cause cancer, so we are forced to ask the NSA as she celebrates her being the mother of all of these children ( her programs), is it necessary to add torture and a cruel death from cancer to already being able to drone strike an enemy through knowing the GPS of their computer?

Please copy the link and watch Appelbaum’s talk. There are maybe 50 of these destructive NSA programs and they will shock you. I think that the overarching program’s name is Quantum.

The human brain’s capacity for cognitive shocks is limited. The NSA’s out of control program generation defies easy comprehension, and it has proven to be more than many can comprehend much less believe. Much of the material is technical and seems almost the stuff of science fiction. But the damage to our freedoms, our privacy and right not to have the NSA quartered on our computers, or free not to have the NSA zapping us through our home internet devices, is revolutionary.  NSA surveillance extremism is a form of state terrorism, and with the death ray, we see it is a form of violence too. Getting dizzy?

Some truths take awhile to comprehend, to sink in and some people will have a hard time accepting the new information. Is this what some mean when they say the new information is just causing too much cognitive dissonance?  It was bad enough when we learned that our unplugged computers could send wi-fi through captured NSA wi-fi sites and empty our files while we thought we were offline. Now in 2015, we play catch up again, to learn that the NSA can turn our computers into weapons, beaming deadly rays into our bodies. The NSA is cooking its targets like meat in a microwave.

While the NSA (and its private contractors) is celebrating endless trips to the government money troughs on Mother’s Day, we should praise Jacob Applelbaum for recording his talk about the NSA’s Quantum programs, their invasiveness, and destructive capacity. 

Happy Mother’s Day NSA!

*One Kilowatt RF is produced by a continuous wave generator, pictured by Appelbaum in the transcript, 1-2 GZ, at 45 megaherzt, boosting 2 watts up to 1kW.

From the Der Spiegel site:

The NSA’s ANT division has developed an entire range of equipment for seeing and hearing what happens inside rooms without having to actually install radio-signal-emitting bugging devices in them. Most of this equipment involves a combination of hardware implants which emit a very inconspicuous signal, and a radio unit aimed, from outside, at the space being monitored. Reflected radar waves are changed by the signal emitted by the implant hidden in the targeted space, making it possible to capture the location of a specific object in the room (device name: “TAWDRYYARD”), words spoken there (“LOUDATO”) or what is being displayed on a monitor (“NIGHTWATCH” and “RAGEMASTER”). ANT’s name for this family of surveillance equipment, made up of a combination of hardware implants and radar detection, is “ANGRYNEIGHBOR.” Then there is the CTX4000 radar unit, which can reveal the signals emitted by devices such as laser printers, even if they don’t contain an implant. The NSA calls this system “DROPMIRE,” and internal documents show it has been used, for example, to spy on EU representatives’ offices in Washington.

CTX4000 The predecessor to PHOTOANGLO, a transmitter of continuous radar waves for signals analysis of reflections from implants like those in the ANGRYNEIGHBOR family. Among other purposes, it is used for data collection under a method called DROPMIRE, which has been used, for example, against the European Union’s diplomatic offices in Washington, DC.


Here’s a YouTube description about how these radar using bugs work:

Here’s a literature review study which suggests that microwave is associated with increased incidence of cancers. Non ionizing microwave radiation appears to increase oxidative stress and destruction of DNA bonds.


Afterwords: The creation of these weapons represents one more step toward a totalitarian, police state in which rebellion is physically annihilated. It is eliminationist at its core, a kind of death culture.

Why do we fail to imagine the application of these weapons to our civilian population after we have experienced the use of drones in wars. These are killing machines whose goal is to assert power over people. Right now, like killer drones, these ray weapons are used against terrorists in “targeted killing”, whose health and well-being we are supposed not to care about. When the weapons are brought home we will care very much when people we identify with are sickened or killed by microwave radar operating with the same energy as an electric heater. (A thousand watts)

Have you never burned your hand on a stove??? 

Glenn Greenwald’s book, No Place To Hide. Sorry my links button is not working:


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When were you called to sacrifice your life to serve others? Was it when you were so ecstatically happy to be among everyone in some kind of a group? Were you singing? Did you find your bliss in a rough sea in a boat trying to get to harbor in a hurry? Were you sharing in a struggle to overcome injustice, war, racism?

For some Christians, Jerusalem was a symbol to mean the building of a new heaven on earth. Service to others. Renewal. Destroying the old ineffective societal structures of oppression and injustice. Creating peace to replace constant competition and war. Was that what William Blake intended when he wrote his poem in 1804 as a preface to a greater work, titled now, “And did those feet In Ancient Times”?  Here is the poem.

And did those feet in ancient times/ Walk upon England’s mountain’s green?/ And was the holy lamb of God/ On Endland’s pleasant pastures seen?

And did the countenance divine/ Shine forth upon our clouded hills?/And was Jerusalem builded here / Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold!/ Bring me my arrows of desire!/ Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!/ Bring me my chariot of fire!

I will not cease from mental fight, /Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,/ Till we have built Jerusalem/ In England’s green and pleasant land.

Different social movements thought that the poem had different meanings: Nonconformists thought that the Satanic mills were the church of England which taxed everyone and exploited property rights. Anti-monopolists who owned small mills thought that the satanic mills represented the large, new factories which put the small mills out of business. Other religionists apparently viewed the satanic mills as a symbol of man’s evil impulses and of dark forces, the unseen evils.

Social theorists want to focus on the societal systems of oppression and violence, including the unconstitutional, illegal secret police and intelligence systems which thwart change by suppressing dissent, and which harrass reformers through surveillance and by other means. Historians discuss Blake’s sympathy for the plight of the French people and his support for the French revolution, and for positive social change. Blake was charged with sedition for his sympathies, but never convicted. 

I first heard Parry’s (composer) version of this poem put to music (as Jerusalem) when I was 11 years old. I didn’t know what it meant then. I was one voice in a choir in a church. Being part of a choir was a good introduction to working within a group. Mostly about conforming and getting along with others, I guess. Here is a link to a symphonic rendering of Jerusalem:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5lzxpQY6-0

The second time I heard this song was as an older youth: The song was used as a part of the music for the movie, The loneliness of the long-distance Runner.”  The movie was about the grinding poverty in post-war England and about the struggles of youth and the defiance of one young man whom the system wanted to turn into a criminal for the crime of needing money and of being poor. We did not know it then but we were seeing the beginning of the decline of Western industries, as the work was given to other countries where labor could be had for pennies compared to our wages. Austerity was kicking in and poverty was increasing despite the lies of politicians. In one great scene in the movie, the youth turn the TV sound off and make up fake speeches for the politicians shown on the TV. They ape their lies and their “fakeness.” His father had been killed at work and his mother had been given a small death benefit and basically they were supposed to eat dirt to survive. I recall liking the youth’s defiance of the authority figures (the guard labor) and to hold him up when I think about the courage needed to tell the lying thieving politicians that we won’t enlist to fight in their resource wars for empire which they lie to us and call ‘fights for democracy’. After being caught for stealing some money, the lad is sent to a reform school where he excells at running, and he has an opportunity to express his feelings about being exploited even in the misery of this incarceration. Those were the Vietnam years. In retrospect, I think we could have known that the present storm was coming forty years ago.

What does service mean? Do we really want to support war?

 When Parry composed his music to Blake’s words, he was responding to a request to write some boosterism music to cheer up the WWI soldiers in 1916. If ever there was a capitalist war without any benefit to the 99.9%, WWI was that war. Parry regretted his decision. Later he gave the music to the women’s movement so that they could use it to rally their troops to fight for the Right To Vote.

Later, in 1982, the American Methodists (Carl P. Daw, Jr.) added new lyrics to a song using Parry’s melody for “Jerusalem”, to create a new song, “O Day Of Peace That Dimly Shines.” Now this is a peace song using a melody written to create a rousing war song from a peace poem written by a poet in 1804! What would Blake think about that???

As recently as 2010, I recall seeing American flags and portraits of soldiers in the entranceways to these churches. What a bunch of Christian phonies: “….our warring world shall see Christ’s promised reign of peace.” (from the 1982 lyrics) It sends only one message: that in America, the only way for young men to receive praise in their spiritual communities, is to serve Mars, the God of War.

We cannot wait for the second coming of Christ to stop the wars. We cannot allow ourselves to be entranced by those who think that humans do not themselves have the capacity to end all of the wars without divine intervention.  I stand with William Blake in asserting that it is our job to make a society which is fair, economically and socially.  It is our job to distribute the 100 trillion dollars of American wealth fairly so that no one has to go hungry. So that no one has to live homeless. So that everyone can have a decent and meaningful job. It is up to us to make these changes. Even Blake knew that:….“I will not cease from mental fight/Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand./…”

Updated, Monday, May 4th, 2015: The time for talking and intellectualizing appears to be running out. 

Chris Hedges, “Make the Rich Panic.” Unable to link, maybe you can copy the data below: 


We need jobs programs for the unemployed, food programs for the hungry (beyond SNAP), medical programs for those who in spite of illusioncare, have no access to medical care, free education for college students, debt relief for those with student loans, housing for the homeless, and we need these things NOW, not in some imagined future. If everyone in the services refused to serve until societal changes were made, would it work? What if police refused to harrass poor people telling their masters, we refuse to jail people for problems you keep creating, it is insane, and we won’t do it anymore. 

Updated;93 Million Working-Age Americans Are Out Of Work.





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