Peace Vigil Songs.

The Traditional Peace Vigil Playlist.

(From the Rise Up Singing songbook, A Group singing songbook, from SingOut Publications.)

Blowin’ In the Wind.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone.

We Shall Overcome.

The Power and the Glory.

If I Had A Hammer.

The Times They Are a-Changin’.

What’s That I Hear?

This Land Is Your Land.

Universal Soldier.

I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore.

Universal Soldier.

Waist Deep In The Big Muddy.

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream.

Bring Them Home.

Children of Darkness.

My writings:

(To the tune of Yankee Doodle.)  Title=”Yankee Doo-Doo”

Bush and Blair they started a war/For oil and total power/They whipped up fear about W.M.D.s/New Hitlers at our doors.//

Bush lied that they were terrorists/To justify invasion./Abused our army and our Guard/And silenced opposition.//

O’Halliburton, Rove and Bush/Death and Blood for oil/A nation’s rage, a bully’s pride/      And fear to keep us quiet.//

Sly foxes wrote the Patriot Act/To strip us of our Rights./No court, no trials, no oversight/And wiretaps when they want to./

FBI, O’CIA/And far flung secret prisons/Torture, murder, secret ops,/Ignore the                United Nations!//

Someday when we call for “Help!”/”oops America,” they’ll say./”You were wrong and wouldn’t stop”/”And now you’ll have to pay.”//

To the tune of “With God on Our Side” Title=”I pray to his God”

I pray to his God who only wants Peace, Who is on nobody’s side ‘cept those who are least/I pray to his God, oh please speak to this man. May God change his heart; since no one else can.//

He thinks that his God has given him the right, to end all of our young ones off to the fight./To steal an election, to start up two wars. To lie about their weapons, to kick down their doors.//

He shocked and he awed us like all tyrants do. He gave truth and justice a gigantic screw./He parrots his mantras of security fears, doing nothing to shield us from his terrorists here.//

He thinks he’s a genius who knows better than you. And expects you to accept that his lies are all true. / He thinks he can tell you what he wants to hear. If the ‘news’ contradicts him, he just closes his ears.//

repeat first verse.

Title=All Over The Earth.

All over the earth; people are crying out to be heard./ All over the world; people are struggling to be free./Waiting for their time; waiting for their chance./Waiting for the powers that be to let them join in the dance.

In every home; A vision of hopes to be./In every heart; A prayer for liberty/Waiting for a paying job; and a place to make a stand./Praying for something to eat; Would they have a helping hand.

All over the earth; People are crying out to be heard./All over the world; people are struggling to be free./Free from all war; Freedom from fear./Free from loneliness and poverty; Destroying all our years.

O Father, O Mother; you saints who came before./Lead us out of this darkness; show us how to end all these wars.

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