For All Those Camping Cool Cats At Occupy Wall Street.

I like it when the protestors come to the protest and stay.


The temperatures in the Park are balmy compared to the chill in the hearts of the bankers who foreclosed on millions of Americans’ homes and in the hearts of the employers who gave pink slips to our jobless; and in the hearts of the politicians who sold their power to the corporations. The violence which every one fears starts in these buildings and in the hearts of the 1%.

At night there is always the glare from the NYPD panopticon device. Inside a metal box suspended in the air above Liberty Park sits a listening post equipped with cameras and manned by a member of the NYPD. Instead of feeling ‘protected’ by the police, occupiers feel spied on and monitored 24/7. This thing sat on the corner of Liberty Park opposite the Prayer Circle during my visit to the Park, like a gigantic bug on a trailer. I counted 19 police cars parked side to side on the north side of the Park. Liberty Park is only 2/3s of an acre and it is surrounded with police barricade fences made of galvanized metal.

My home at Occupy Wall Street was mostly at the Prayer Circle. Burning Sage incense and the rumble of prayers mixed with construction drilling across the street set the humbling tone for the 99% at the feet of these stone idols of Wall Street. Mercy toward each other, honesty about one’s faults and according all persons the respect due to each of us, created sacred space:

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2 Responses to For All Those Camping Cool Cats At Occupy Wall Street.

  1. James Rose says:

    These are awesome!! They should go in the window show in Chelsea. Bring them Saturday at noon to 195 10th ave @21st street. Arts and Culture from OWS has the window for 3 weeks. If you can’t make it, they can go in following week.

  2. kate ryan says:

    Hope these PICs do go to the window show in Chelsea – they’re great!
    Thank you & Peace, Kate Ryan

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