Occupy Social Responsibility

There are at least 500,000 non-profit organizations in the U.S. and they are entitled to special status in our society by virtue of their commission to serve communities by meeting human needs. The future of Occupy movements depends upon these organizations kicking into gear and acting upon their professed goals of helping the downtrodden and of rectifying the injustices of our society.

Today I read that a church was asking for 300.00 dollars a day to pay for heat for the building which they are letting Occupiers in NYC sleep in overnight.  That reminds of asking an unemployed relative to give you money, when he or she has no money for rent,–so that they can sleep on your couch. How sleezy is that?

In the past many churches and educational non-profits have refused to take on any social movement which might not find favor with the 1% elite. They have said that they are afraid to lose their special tax status. Or they have said that they want to wait and see what our new political leaders would do. Whatever their rationales were, they were avoidances. They refused to help.

In October, St. Paul’s Church in London refused to help the London Occupiers by allowing them to camp in front of the cathedral. When a vicar turned the police back and asked the occupiers to come into the church for worship, he was soon forced to resign and called a ‘maverick’ by the media.  The City of London (a cabal of financiers in their version of Wall Street) has now teamed up with the Cathedral to go to court to evict the occupiers.

With their emphasis on fighting against income inequalities in England and on creating a more fair economy, the Occupiers seem more closely aligned to the virtues of early Christians than do the current occupants of the St. Paul Church. In response to the locking of the St. Paul Cathedral in October and the attempts to smear the Occupiers as unclean and unsafe, I have decided to go into battle.  Those hypocrites who claim to help others, while making life hell for the poor on their doorstep, be damned.

N.B. Trinity Church in NYC is refusing to let Occupy Wall Street use their vacant lot at 6th and Canal Street. OWS has several members on a hunger strike to protest Trinity’s decision. Trinity “Church” is one of the largest real estate owners in New York City and was helpful to occupiers on Wall Street in prior months, providing bathrooms and daytime access to their church.

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  1. kate ryan says:

    I like it, Chris! Thank you for your good work!!!

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