Rock. Paper. Scissors. Fracking.

Dear Friends,

Just having some fun with the Rock.Paper. Scissors. game which appears to be an ordering of power, or values. Rock is covered over by paper; paper is cut by scissors; and, rock can dull scissors. Although the game appears to be played by ‘chance’, a player’s pattern of choices can determine who wins.

What does that have to do with hydrofracking?  

           (Um….you made me think!)

 Fracking for gas is a choice communities make about how they will live.
 Fracking for gas has real environmental consequences.
Fracking is not a game. It is about putting toxic chemicals into our environment.

We can go for ‘more stuff’ through fracking, but then we can’t have clean air and clean water. 

In Pennsylvania where they allowed fracking, people can now afford to go and eat at McDonald’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But is that good for their health? With the money from fracking leases they can buy more stuff. Maybe more stuff is not good for us.

And what if we just ‘live’ here and don’t have a gas drilling hydrofracking lease. We still have to breathe the polluted air and drink the polluted water from all of the wastes from drilling; and when the gas wells break and leak toxins into our water wells…..hello sickness and cancer.

More and more of us will be growing our own food or buying it from nearby farms as things get economically tougher. Do we really want to get sick from our own vegetables??

So there’s a nudge about the the low, low value of fracking, more MickeyD fastfood, and more stuff.  We do not need any of those and we certainly do not want to get sick and die because of fracking pollution induced illnesses.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Fracking….. not a child’s game and having serious consequences. And not a game of chance either.  We win or lose, depending upon our choices.

Nota bene:
“This power does not participate in any direct struggle for power; rather, it makes its influence felt in the obscure arena of being itself. “(Vaclav Havel.) The Power of The Powerless.
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