This Is How Wars Start.

In 2007 I wrote An Open Letter To Families In Iran. I pleaded with the Iranians to respond peacefully to the cowboy in the White House (boy-man Bush). I pleaded with Americans to reconsider the nonsensical assertions that the Iranians were developing anything near a nuclear threat to Americans, much less to Israelis.

In 2007 a comprehensive, multi-agency intelligence report on Iran stated that Iran had ceased any scientific exploration of developing a nuclear bomb when America started its war against Afghanistan and the Middle East. The anti Iran propaganda writers shifted to a focus on Iran’s ‘uncooperativeness’.   A new IAEA director began a new biased approach of villifying Iran, with encouragement from war mongers in Washington, D.C.. In 2008, Wall Street crashed requiring a pause in the action while the bookies stopped to refill their chip holders with public cash.

For years since 2007, David Sanger and the New York Times have been showering the American public with propaganda, alleging that uncertainties of the IAEA constituted a ‘nuclear threat’ from Iran. After Obama became President, we watched as a new President capitulated to neo-con war mongering toward Iran and back room legislating against the Iranian people through economic sanctions.  Israeli press have consistently repeated not so covert threats of an Israeli attack on Iran. Now the Obama capitulation and sanctions have begun and Iran is retaliating by threatening to shut down the Straits of Hormuz and thereby to close the spigot on Middle East oil.

To Iran I would say the same thing I would warn President Obama: You are only hurting the low-income, the poor, the unemployed, the retired, the sick and the weak, marginalized parts of society. These poor and near poor cannot afford artificially inflated high food,  gas and heating oil prices. This message applies to both countries’ leaders.  The only group which will benefit from any disruption in the flow of oil will be the banks and the oil companies and those who benefit from speculating on oil and the price of food, profit taking from commodity speculations, and those that sell and buy insurance against price spikes. In other words, Wall Street and stock exchanges across the world.

To Wall Street I would say, “You have overplayed your hand and you have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar, over and over again.”  To those politicians who have already cut LIHEAP assistance to help people pay for heating their houses, I would say, “People who are freezing in their homes will hold you responsible. How much more do you want to be despised for creating a crisis by making gas, heating oil and electricity unaffordable, especially at the coldest part of the year. Are you  nuts??”

The American Navy is strutting their stuff, demonstrating  pride in having the most powerful force in the Iranian waters and by extension asserting a military threat to Iran while Obama remains oddly silent. Has there been a coup?? The Iranian forces are shown with submarines and naval exercises in the same waters. What kind of dope are they smoking? Bragging about surface to air missiles which they can use to immobilize American boats is about as close to insane as a non-nuclear power can come when agitating against the Americans with their thousands of nuclear missiles.  A million murdered Iraqis and four million Iraqi refugees should tell you that Americans do not care about the deaths of others, especially brown people with hard to pronounce names.

This is how wars start. They start years ago with toxic propaganda so that you can start to forget ……….

To forget……..and forget…………that in both of our countries, fathers and mothers will wake up this morning to make breakfast for their children. Grandparents will kiss grandchildren good-bye and send them onto school buses. Family members will tell each other that they love each other and encourage each other to have a good day. A teacher will remember to bring that special book for that student who showed an interest and a passion for that subject.  A worker will load up their truck with the tools they need for today’s job and go over their ‘list’.

These are the worlds within worlds which we cannot hold in our awareness at all times,  and which Presidents and Admirals do not appear to think about or care about. Now the sanctions kick-in (because we need to look strong) and the counter attacks and reproaches are issued in reply, in an escalating spiral.

This is how wars start.

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