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Iran or New York’s Natural Gas, 2012: War or Fracking; what’s the difference? Same Empire Squid.

Empires never worry about civilian deaths in their own population (see Stalin’s starvation of the Ukraine). Empires never wonder whether they are overconfident until way after they are defeated at some “Waterloo” event. Empire leaders think that there is always … Continue reading

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Drones: Baby Killers Incorporated.

The idea behind drone warfare was to reduce modern armies’ troop casualties. Troop casualties in the minds of war makers are the weak political pivot points upon which their rationales for war making utterly collapse. Media censorship obviates civilian deaths … Continue reading

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John Tirman’s Essential Thoughts on Civilian Deaths in America’s Wars.

John Tirman, author of The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America’s Wars,┬áhas written an Editorial for the New York Times, published January 4th, 2012. He has kindly given permission for it to be shown here: The Forgotten … Continue reading

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Suppression of Freedom of Speech and of a Free Press are the Building Blocks of a Police State

Americans are staring into a future of police state zombie un-living. Acts of civil disobedience in the form of encampments in public spaces have been responded to with police violence, media smearing as character assassination of the Occupy movement, and … Continue reading

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