Suppression of Freedom of Speech and of a Free Press are the Building Blocks of a Police State

The Bradley Manning Freedom I.Q. Curve

Americans are staring into a future of police state zombie un-living.

Acts of civil disobedience in the form of encampments in public spaces have been responded to with police violence, media smearing as character assassination of the Occupy movement, and silence or ignoring by politicians who saw nothing they could exploit for their own empowerment in this new social movement. Nonprofit groups such as churches have sided with their own financial interests in their own extensive real estate ownings, rather than throw themselves into supporting this new movement for social justice.

New York Post Smears Occupy:

Media personnel, journalists, bloggers, live-stream videographers were thrown out of Liberty Park when police evicted the encampment on November 15th in the wee hours and darkness of the night. TV helicopters were prohibited from taping the eviction from overhead by order of the police or NYC mayor.  In his confabulated defense of police state tactics, Mayor Bloomberg asserted that the media had been removed and arrested for their own safety and so that they would not interfere with the eviction. Representative Nadler requested an investigation of the treatment of both protestors and media claiming that what happened violated the Constitutional rights of both.

For my own ‘protection’  I created a fake PRESS PASS. This will permit me (in my imagination) to float in and out of civil disobedience situations, dutifully recording the voices and stories of protestors, police and other ‘credentialed’  media as they all are reduced to pawns by the corporate state.

Feel free to make a copy of my creation and to engage in this futile fantasy that as long as you are wearing this magic charm, you will not be gassed, beaten with a baton, hit in the head with a concussion grenade, kettled in funky orange snow fencing,  and injured for life by the corporate industrial power complex which will not let its rules be defied nor have its injustices exposed. And have your camera taken and your computer destroyed along with any library of books you have in tow.

You can add a bright red string to hold this around your neck and head; not that the police will pay any attention to this while you are being thrown to the ground, yelled at and arrested.  So wear a tie and a nice white shirt too. How about my State Department of Education License in my profession? Wear ’em if ya got ’em! How about the license plates to my car duct taped to my arms like football guards? Too threatening.

Clinton, Obama and other two-faced ones railed in feigned indignation when Egypt’s Mubarak tried to shut down Al Jazeera’s news media’s  reporting on events in Tahir Square in Cairo. Their hypocrisy continues as they extoll freedom fighters in Myanmar and condemn them here.  How can you say that Egyptians deserve their freedoms and their own bill of rights while denying Americans their rights contained within their own Bill of Rights which they already have?

The Occupy Movement has won. Occupy has shown that the moral, social and political structure of American society is completely duplicitous and empty. Only the husk of America remains, the consumerism and utilitarianism. Meantime, “Keep moving. Don’t block the traffic on the sidewalk.” This is now a ride at an amusement park instead of a democracy, “Tickets please!”

Occupy an alternative Press. Occupy your blogs. Write. Publish. Distribute. Educate. Learn. A parallel news network is a necessity. And fun is necessary too, hence my fake press pass.

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