Drones: Baby Killers Incorporated.

The idea behind drone warfare was to reduce modern armies’ troop casualties. Troop casualties in the minds of war makers are the weak political pivot points upon which their rationales for war making utterly collapse. Media censorship obviates civilian deaths and censors the destruction of entire countries and their infrastructures. But when US troops die, the wars lose their attractiveness at home. So unmanned aerial combat planes remove the political problem of the real cost of war to empire-nation troops.

The downside of using drones in wars is the desensitization to killing in wars at home in the war making empire countries, such as the U.S., the U.K., and Germany. Censored wars without a human cost do not have all of the cathectic pull of a good TV drama, and actually much less of an emotional impact. For example…….

Drones make war making more likely. When a U-2 pilot was captured by Russia in the Cold War, it was a big deal for the U.S. to get that human being back. When a drone was captured by Iran last month, it was a story in the newspapers for two days, then nothing more. Hence, “send in the drones” is a decision to spend money and destroy other countries’ lives, not our own. Drones make war easy.

Drone warfare

There are many people who have written about drones and this source cited below is a good general summary of drone information and history.

Drone information here: (updated constantly by a UK author)



Huge Protest in Pakistan Against U.S. Drone Attacks:


A new report published September 25th, 2012 “LivingUnderDrones” about Pakistanis psychological and physical suffering from drone attacks by the United States. The link is to a pdf so it may take a few seconds to load.

A second report, published September 30th, 2012 and linked at FDL discusses drone wars and civilian impacts. This is also a pdf.

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