Iran or New York’s Natural Gas, 2012: War or Fracking; what’s the difference? Same Empire Squid.

Empires never worry about civilian deaths in their own population (see Stalin’s starvation of the Ukraine). Empires never wonder whether they are overconfident until way after they are defeated at some “Waterloo” event. Empire leaders think that there is always some deeper and farther away bunker in which they are finally safe from all of the destruction and killing they have inflicted upon other countries and upon their own (see Bush, Romney & Texan dynasties).  If you think your life matters to these folks, read about all of the people they killed just in South America to prop up dictators friendly to the corporates. The America-Fuck-Yeah, “blow shit up that gets in the way”, culture; which has dominated other peoples for a century, is now come home to prey on its own people. And that is just “the war to keep their power” part of empire. Now they’ve come for us, our water, air and soil through poisonous drilling for natural gas.

As a more pin-pointed target,  hydrofracking gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale is a direct attack on the clean water, clean air, and clean farming soil in Southwestern New York State, and a direct attack on the people who live here. It is an indirect attack on all of those people in metropolitan areas such as NYC and Syracuse, because clean water travels from the areas to be fracked to the metropolitan areas.   The international corporations which have invested in strip-mining New York State for natural gas range from Chinese petroleum/energy giants who have bought stock in leases to India’s Reliant Energy corporation. Norway’s StatOil has bought leases too.  The corporate empire whose octopus head is on Wall Street extends to every developed countries’ economic mainframe. That is why it is called Empire, because that is what it is, with tentacles extending to the exploitative hotspots of every country’s economy.

The Corporate Empire’s, 1 through 4, Fukishima, Japan,  “melted-down” power reactors are still spewing radioactive wastes into the Pacific while the censorship of the Empire Media on this topic is damn near complete. I raise the issue of these cancer creating radioactive wastes spilling in a “silenced” ongoing tragedy, because I know that the corporate media refuses to address the cancers caused by pollution from hydrofracking for gas. How much more so has there been silence on Dimock, Pennsylvania’s blow-out and water wells pollution. The EPA’s Pavillon, Wyoming study which proves that these fracked wells result in contamination of water wells and well-connected, acquifers, should have gotten headlines, but instead got the silence of “tons of silence” which have cursed the people of Fukishima, Japan.

Shale is laid down in layers and cracks in vertical and horizontal arrays. Any first year geology student knows this to be true. Just as ground water will slowly seep through this array of cracks into deeper zones called acquifers, so highly pressurized natural gas, toxic fracking fluids like benzene, will slowly find their way back up and through the same cracks into the acquifer and into wells.* It is the difference in pressure that causes the migration to be inevitable: from high pressure zones to low pressure zones, it is a law of physics. No manmade system such as a casing or a container for wastes, is perfect; and redundant systems afford a margin of error for mistakes (like the diesel generators at Fukishima) But in unforeseen circumstances like earthquakes and tsunamis, the redundant systems fail. And with age, all systems fail, especially in pipe casings you cannot see, thousands of feet below the ground level. And the corruption of fail-safe devices as in the BP oil spill, where the safety valve device subcontractor denies the blame for the failure, are the norm, not the oddball outcome. But Empire refuses to be moved by science, historical evidence and facts.

It won’t matter if Empire’s war on Iran does not cause the nuclear-armed, friends of Iran to destroy the USA; if the Empire’s pollution of the NY Marcellus Shale and the clean waters of the State of New York goes forward as planned. The same environmental catastrophe will be achieved. One of the exploitable countries will be forced to yield its resources to the giant octopus of Empire. Though it be through fracking and not through war, or by war for oil in Iran and not through fracking in New York, Empire will fill its pockets with profits, either way. The falsehood or illusion of our rights to our own land and natural resources as citizens is made clear by the Rights of Corporations to destroy us, our lands, and the lives and lands of people in far off Iran.

*Proof Positive on how fracking will migrate to pollute aquifers here.

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1 Response to Iran or New York’s Natural Gas, 2012: War or Fracking; what’s the difference? Same Empire Squid.

  1. Fracking is going to destroy our drinking water along with the air we breath, in our homes the fracking release radon gas into our homes and other gases like ozone!

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