Army Recruiting Fraud: $$$$$ 7,500 per recruit.

WWI American Soldier

WWI American Soldier

“Fraud in Army Recruiting Bonus Program May Cost Nearly $100 Million”. Page A13, New York Times, 2.5.14.

“Under the Program National Guard soldiers and their relatives as well as other civilians and retirees signed up to be recruiting assistants and could earn up to $7,500 for each new recruit they managed to enlist. But investigators said that in many cases, high school guidance counselors and even principals with access to their students’ personal information took credit for recruiting students who they happened to know were joining the Army.”

My response:

While we were standing out in the cold/ In front of the military recruiters’ office/ Reading out the names of the U.S. and Iraqi dead../The Army Recruiters were inside acting lazy and bold/Conniving young men to sign away their lives/As recruiters creamed a secret 7,500 dollars bounty a head.

Really? Must we cut back Food Stamps and UI for the jobless, low-income, the poor, the homeless…cut back LIHEAP winter fuel to pay for bounties instead??

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