My Pacifist Protest Prayer, “When…”

When at long last I feel that I am so far down that I am not sure that I can carry on./And I  am up against forces greater than my thought ability to resist,/When the point of my action is just to keep standing and not to fall;/ And my heart is beyond and below wavering and all hope feels gone,/ And if I could just keep upright and hold my sign or keep on message,/ Or even step back only one step to be able to stay in the fight, / And I am begging God to help me to be strong and outlast the hate I am facing,/When help seems a distant place, out of reach or unresponsive, and /When I friendless feel or seem, even though I know that this is just a single point in time,/ And even when those who betrayed me gave me a final look of apology & I still stand alone;/And I know whatever goal I started with seems hopelessly out of reach,/ When merely to be able to persevere in the smallest manner would seem at least a small victory;/ And I will be the only witness to call the measure and meaning of my destined fate;/ When in the shadow place of being beaten down, harrowed with and aggregation of misfortunes;/ I call upon you and the image of your having loved me so well;/ I raise you up to cherish the stamp of your deepest affection;/I speak to you and you answer me with words of consolation, your promised love, your committment to always love;/You have always loved, you have never abandoned me, nor ever hurt me;/And washed in the pure light of your love and our love, now I’m whole &/I can get up off my knees, stand unashamed, and strong.




“The salvation of man is through love and in love.”——-Viktor Frankl

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