2014: Dust Bowl.


This year there were cuts to Food Stamps, LIHEAP fuel assistance and UI or unemployment insurance. Social Security COLAs are even threatened with cuts to the cost of living adjustment. The United States spent 600 billion dollars on the proposed 2013 Defense budget. For social welfare programs this has been a ‘dust bowl’ year.

16 spy agencies asked for 52.6 billion dollars for 2013. This spy budget has doubled since 9/11.  The NSA and the CIA are the heavy hitters, taking the largest share. Snowden’s documents show the budget spending 3.7 billion dollars on targetting whistleblowers like Snowden. The intel agencies have 107,035 government staff, that is one in twenty-five Federal workers. The NSA is asking for a 10.45 billion dollars increase or 3%, over last year. James R. Clapper Jr. Director of National Intelligence, says that the overall budget is a decrease of 2% from last year. The budget does not disclose the budget for “secret” bulk data sweeps on the civilian population here in America. This document does not reveal all that the budget is paying for.


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