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Senator Paul Speaks Out About “The NSA and Your Privacy” At Berkeley College

“I believe what you do on a cell phone is none of their damn business,” he said. The NYTimes reported that he said that the NSA was “drunk with power”. Most of the crowd were students although the reporter noted … Continue reading

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NSA News That Never Made It Into The New York Times.

News stories about mass surveillance which have not been reported by The New York Times. What makes these programs different from previously revealed programs? The scale is increased to millions of targets, and no longer passively collecting data, they are … Continue reading

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Money Is Their Only God

After I had drawn the picture below, I had to live long enough to realize that if the mass surveillance does not stop we will be living a futuristic nightmare in which privacy will be an expensive commodity. In the … Continue reading

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Safely Into The Light

We want to live free in a bit of mystery……. To let our thoughts roam with no borders, no stops, no censors. We want to be free to let our thoughts fly……. Cautious or daring, climbing and diving, crowing or … Continue reading

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“You have been registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.”

From the New York Times, Page A8, January 30th, 2014: ¬†Ukraine, Kiev. “Protestors for weeks had suspected that the government was using location data from cellphones near the demonstration to pinpoint people for political profiling……protestors….received text messages on their phones … Continue reading

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Scraping Visitors’ IPs at Wikileaks, Stealing webcam images from Yahoo users, Reputation Destruction and False Flags through JTRIG.

If you did not know these things were done by the NSA and by GCHQ you would think they were just ordinary crimes done by criminals. The Wikileaks scrape used software to grab users’ IPs, their searches, and their country … Continue reading

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