Scraping Visitors’ IPs at Wikileaks, Stealing webcam images from Yahoo users, Reputation Destruction and False Flags through JTRIG.


If you did not know these things were done by the NSA and by GCHQ you would think they were just ordinary crimes done by criminals.

The Wikileaks scrape used software to grab users’ IPs, their searches, and their country of origin.

The Optic Nerve grab of Yahoo webcam images used a derivative of Tempora, similar to Prism.

The JTRIG reputation destruction and false flag ops program used old CoIntelPro strategies. We pay to have the NSA spy on us and destroy our political dissenters.

The MSM only reported the webcam stolen images program, Optic Nerve. (NYTimes)

I found out about the other crimes by listening to Democracy Now on the radio. The go to place to read about this is The Intercept, where Glenn Greenwald and his associates report about these illegal intel activities.

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