NSA News That Never Made It Into The New York Times.

News stories about mass surveillance which have not been reported by The New York Times.



What makes these programs different from previously revealed programs?

The scale is increased to millions of targets, and no longer passively collecting data, they are invasive, active, and harmful.

What makes them so dangerous?

They harm targets by stigmatizing innocent people. They discredit targets through reputation destruction, and destroy relationships and groups. By destroying data, they harm communications. By redirecting and blocking sites, they destroy their targets ability to work with others. They negatively change how targets are seen by others and how targets see others. They create distrust. They harm millions instead of individuals. Decisions are made by Artificial Intelligence instead of by analysts. They operate indefinitely. They can be used for racketeering. They elevate the military to an executive level of power and destroy democracy.

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