Senator Paul Speaks Out About “The NSA and Your Privacy” At Berkeley College

“I believe what you do on a cell phone is none of their damn business,” he said. The NYTimes reported that he said that the NSA was “drunk with power”. Most of the crowd were students although the reporter noted that several Democrats were there to see what he had to say and whether it would have any pull with students. It did. The crowd was described as very attentive.  “I am not here to tell you what to be,” he said, ” But I am here to tell you though that your rights, especially your right to privacy is under assault.” His speech was sponsored by the Berkeley Forum of the Berkeley College.


I had some fun with the photograph. I ask the forgiveness of Jason Henry, the photographer.

Glenn Greenwald wrote, “Foreign Officials in the Dark About Their Own Spy Agencies Cooperation with the NSA,” in The Intercept, March 14th, 2014. One would have to assume that by now, they do know, and that our politicians know too, and that they should confront the issue of privacy and freedom honestly, as Senator Paul is doing now.

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