A Witness Against War. (Post #1 in A Series.)

There are approximately 19 posts within this series, detailing responses to world news about armed conflict from July 15th, 2014 through December, 19th, 2014. The pacifist stance is one that knows that life is sacred and that observes that war is always the wrong, least helpful, most damaging response to conflict. Militarism seems to be as much a source of pride as an expression of hopelessness, whether the actor is Gazan, Israeli, Ukrainian or Russian, American or Iraqi, Syrian or Saudi Arabian. 99% of the world lives in peace but world powers constantly prepare for war. Often, a seat in halls of power requires being a veteran of a country’s past wars. Media outlets see themselves as allies with government and view government critics (of war, of torture, of rendition and arbitrary detentions) as ‘biased’ and not ‘objective’. Patriotic rapture is taught in schools and individuals zealously seek social acceptance and citizenship through participation in the military. Even the medical profession whose motto is ‘Do No Harm’ is silent and complicit as legislators decide without debate or consultation with the People, to start yet another third war in the Middle East. The principle of Freedom of Speech is raised to justify villain-izing  whole countries while citizen-dissidents are dragged through the justice system because they dared to discuss national security issues and to challenge the notion that the ‘military knows best’ and that democracy no longer matters.   How can I make such generalizations? Reading the newspapers. The realities are sitting in front of you, in plain sight. Symbols abound of the glorification of military weapons, such as the B2 bomber. Democracy with a little d is so uncertain that governments would rather rule by force. A full-page ad in The New York Times celebrates 25 years of spending on the B2 bomber (7.17.14) and compare that to single antiwar ads from peace groups who relied on small donations to pay for the ads. Think about that. Who rules you? And how do they rule you? They rule by force. DSCF0001 The Israeli-Gaza Conflict started with murders and revenge murders in the West Bank and soon Israel began bombing Gaza. In Madness In Equal Measure the extremist positions of both sides are magnified to show their mutual insanity. Worse conflict was to come.   DSCF0001 Worse was soon to come. The obliteration of an entire part of Gaza City: DSCF0003 The Israeli use of force in Gaza was so disproportionate and killed so many civilians, that even The New York Times reported the Palestinian despair, “Where are we supposed to go?” DSCF0003 And now to Iraq and Escalation of a US involvement in the civil war with Sunnis and with ISIS.

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