A Witness Against War. (Post #2 in a Series.)

By the time citizens figure out that they have been manipulated into an armed conflict (war), it is too late. So it is important to study how escalation works:


Escalation felt like ‘they’ were just looking for the right emotional pull to get Americans to support bombings. These aggressions occurred in the context of multiple conflicts going on across the globe, and an ambience of ‘revengefulness’ at home in America.

DSCF0004 And there was no public support for peace advocates at home, and expressions of wanting to show the world that the US would not allow itself to be ‘pushed around’.


But the coup came when President Obama demonized his enemy. Completely in contradiction with the US’s own drone killings and its support for killing , Obama turned the country back onto a war footing while adamantly insisting that he would not deploy American boots on the ground. This is how to gin up a war:


One has to generate hate to get wars started, but in the end hatred never brings peace. Because wars generate more hatred. Ironically, the reason the U.S. has to go back into Iraq is that it created so many enemies by invading Iraq and jailing Sunnis, that the Sunni trust the militants more than they do the U.S.. The Sunnis were so abused by the Shia when the U.S. left that they actually fear Bagdad more than they fear the militants:


President Obama claimed that the U.S. is the dominant world power and that the Americans should show leadership. Leadership! There are alternative models of leadership:


If President Obama does not want to listen to a pacifist, he could always listen to a conciliatory Imam:



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