A Witness Against War. (Post #3 in a Series)

Because the Administration operated without fanfare and with the complicity of a compliant and subservient media, the period before the 2014 election was quiet. But Hagel, Kerry and Obama were busy getting agreement and securing future funds for a combat operation in the Middle East.




Senator Kaine objected to this sneak approach to disenfranchise Americans, to strip them of their right to object to this new war:



Obama’s actions began to look like Kennedy’s in Vietnam, and Johnson’s in Vietnam. He was being squeezed by hawks to do more, and also by Democrats who ‘wanted to look strong on defense’ to do more.



Lest you think that Obama succumbed to peer pressure to go to war, you should know about “Secret Memo Obama” who approved funding for Syrian rebels at the same time he was getting an agreement to destroy Assad’s chemical weapons:


November 3rd,2014.  A day before the Election, and the military planners were discussing a Spring offensive in Iraq. Let the history books show that they thought that they would only “need” 3500 troops in Iraq:


November 6th, 2014. Obama announced his intent to go to Congress and to speak to them to request their backing for a campaign in the Middle East:


November 8th, 20l4. Obama requests 1500 more troops to go to Iraq:



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