Free Speech Nunnery and Follow-Up Mass Surveillance Posts. (#1)


These follow-up posts represent what I have heard or read since August 2014. Whenever possible, I have hand written down the citation for the news which I was responding to in a graphic cartoon or brief report.

Topics include self-censorship, threats to prosecute reporters who write about national security topics, court decisions, privacy as an international right, the doomed Freedom Act which would have regulated metadata collection; …..who votes for your privacy rights, mail monitoring, use of professionals as law enforcement undercover agents, …the bind people are in who must use electronic communications when their privacy no longer exists; law enforcement use of fake computer repairmen to entrap; how media obfuscates the dangers of mass surveillance; unregulated data brokers who create stigmatized groups; FBI complaints about encrypted iphones offering privacy to users; use of fear to manipulate public to accept exclusive lists, otherwise prohibited unwarranted searches; allowing merchants to communicate with phones to send ads via ibeacons; the possible existence of a new intel leaker; whistleblower on surveillance driven out of government; the psychological impact of loss of privacy due to surveillance includes depression and anxiety, low-self-esteem; other countries looking for alternatives to the NSA monitored internets; Facebook fighting subpoenas for bulk data or fishing expeditions; BullRun NSA program capable of defeating encryption; schools adopting tech monitoring like some kind of religious cult; government attempts to force Yahoo to participate in surveillance used coercive fines if they refused; may 2004 memo shows approval for Stellar Wind surveillance program, full scope of program redacted?; tech cos continue to ignore European Court’s privacy rulings; ICREACH NSA program provided integration, sharing data to 22 government agencies; CIA expert says E.U. right-to-be-forgotten is weak; attempts of government to block or criminalize press/reporters; Executive Order 12333 permitted mass surveillance; debunking internet CEOs braying about “The future of Internet Freedom”; like prosecuted reporters who refused to give the government the names of their confidential sources, Muslims who refused to work for NSA as informants were placed on the ‘secret watchlist’. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)



Wanted: Confidential Sources


Executive Order 12333.

DSCF0004The Future of Internet Freedom/s.

DSCF0009#blocked and criminalized journalism.



CIA rescue boat./s




Hal Finney, Internet Coder and Futurist, Privacy Software Creator.


Tech Cos Ignore Privacy Rules. So Do National Governments.



Stellar Wind Warrantless Wiretapping Memo is Missing Redacted Info.


2008 Declassified Court Document Shows Government Coerced Yahoo W/Threat of Excessive Fines.


Tech Cos Software Monitors Students.


BullRun. The FBI Doth Protest Too Much.


In The Venn Diagram of American Life, the Domain of Privacy Is Shrinking.





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