American Torturers.

Giving The World a Green Light To Torture.


Army Appendix M.


Torture Psychologists Say, “We were just following orders.”

Forced Feeding Inmates Is Torture.

The point of torture is torture.


Better Soldiers Objective After Vietnam Created Torture, ‘no fear’ mentality.


Lessons From the Senate’s Report on the C.I.A. Torture Program.

1. They (C.I.A.) lied to the OIG, the DOJ, the Congress, the President and the American People.

A.      The CIA reported that KSM had given no useful info prior to EIGs (torture) when he was never interrogated ‘prior’ to going right into a regimen of torture. The CIA reported that KSM’s resistance was overcome by torture, when records show he ‘beat the system’ of waterboarding and other tortures. The CIA reported that KSM never recanted his information he gave to torturers, when records show that he told torturers that he had fabricated information in response to torture. The CIA reported that KSM had told them that attacks were coming, when records show he was trying to bargain with senior CIA when he said, “soon you will know” when asked about imminent attacks. The CIA reported that KSM thought the American people were ‘weak’, when records show no evidence of this statement.

B.    The Report shows a list of reports made to the above parties (see 1.) asserting the effectiveness of EIGs.

A frequency Box/Diagram in the Report shows how many times  information about threats were referenced in the reports made to higher authorities. About 90% of the time each of the threat claims were made to assert a false claim of the effectiveness of torture (EIGs). The threats had been made available to,  and known to, the intel community prior to any torturing of detainees.

The box is not reproduced here because I could not block-copy it. None of the text of the report is portable. The ‘report’ given to the public is only an executive summary and is often redacted to the point of meaninglessness, regarding footnotes and sources. 



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