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People have simply not learned the lesson of Auschwitz.

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This net surveillance program (Levitation) supposedly discovers targets whose only ‘crime’ is to have downloaded pre-flagged suspicious files which when downloaded by a user, categorize the user as a target. The user’s IP is then used to search for everything … Continue reading

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Internet Search Company with 70% Monopoly on World’s Data Gives World’s Sole Military Superpower All Of Transparency Journalists’ Emails, Metadata, Internet Records.

From Evil dragnet to Global Shopping Catalogue, Google through year 3000.

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The Same “Old” Deal.

Is Obama trying to ‘shoe us’ into a new war? No use crying. A 1,000 more troops ordered ┬áto Iraq and Syria last week. Called advisors when they are trained combat troops. Immunity granted to troops by Iraq’s leaders. Sunnis … Continue reading

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All Is Forgiven.

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First, We Have To Find The Artists, Then Sort Out Which Ones Are Cartoonists….

  We’ll start with all of the victims who had their feelings hurt, ….”informants”…they’ll name names……. The Top line of the cartoon was extracted from “In Britain, Spy Chief Calls For More Power For Agency.” NYTs, 1.10.15, A10. This is … Continue reading

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2 Examples of Irreverent Use of Religious Images In Social Justice Cartoons. Kiev and Occupy London.

Moses et al. Images of religious figures can bring an added sense of righteousness to the oppressed. The first image applies to protestors in Kiev, Ukraine, who had their i.d.’s discovered by electric monitoring at a protest. Religious figures are … Continue reading

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Heroes of Moral Conscience. Unit 8200.

It Is Our Moral Duty To Act. “…We won’t continue to hurt non-violent dissenters just like we punish or kill the violent people. We won’t continue to spy on and hurt innocent people for political persecution. Our work prevented people … Continue reading

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NYPD Back Scatter Xray Trucks: Next Time You Hear, “Lives Were Saved” Think, “It must be opposite day.”

Source: Le Show, 1.11.15 radio show, Harry Shearer.

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