Police Violence.

2014 or 1964.

Michael Brown, R.I.P..


Privacy is Only For Police./Not!


It is like they are saying, “We can do this to you any day, ….”DSCF0003

The problem is police violence not peaceful protest.DSCF0001

Before the Human Rights Watch Report.DSCF0006

Another Police Homicide?DSCF0007

Another police homicide?DSCF0011

Body Cameras.DSCF0013

Another police homicide.DSCF0017

In light of the two Grand Juries failures to indict the policemen who killed Eric Garner and Michael Brown, it appears that justice goes against those killed by police. Has domestic jurisprudence been replaced by Military Hearings?

The Parable of the Black Box In The Driveway.


NYPD’s new Strategic Response Group: A sick response to complaints about police violence.






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