The Dispossessed And The War Economy.

When feeding the dispossessed becomes ‘against the law’……….DSCF0001It is a short trip to killing individuals who are not considered useful to the State…


The State is preoccupied with raising levels of patriotic rapture and enthusiasm for wars against carefully advertised ‘enemies’.  Taxes are spent on war and the costs of defense industries who produce the drones, the missiles, the weapons. Education, healthcare, and social welfare programs are slowly hollowed out, because they do not serve the State’s war efforts. Pretty soon people who are seen not to ‘contribute’ are eliminated.

For example, look at legislators’ cuts to UI (unemployment benefits) and cuts to SNAP benefits (food stamps).  Next year, a million people will lose SNAP benefits if they have been on benefits for three months. Last year, all SNAP benefits were reduced.

The unemployed have been forgotten and now, so have the homeless. Who will be sacrificed next to pay for the war economy?  The hungry?


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