The Wall Street Folks Despise Us And Our Laws.

The Revolving Door Between Wall Street and the U.S. Treasury.

(It means that you will never get a “Yearly Statement” on the dangers of the military and security budget which consumes a large chunk of our GDP and which is unfunded and is a dangerous future financial liability.)


We Continue To Let The Bankers Make The Rules.

(Could you dig Dimon’s midnight on budget night call to the President to force acceptance of FDIC coverage of dangerous derivatives?)



It will be difficult to eat another Burger without thinking of the corporate taxes which won’t be going back to our government.

(The only resistance (published) in reaction to this transfer of wealth to the shareholders appears to be to decrease the value of the dollar to increase exports!  Well, if foreigners have all of our taxes………)



We should pass a law making all of the pirates on Wall Street wear pirate hats./s

They do despise us. We know. Because they treat our laws with contempt.


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