Heroes of Moral Conscience. Unit 8200.

It Is Our Moral Duty To Act.DSCF0002

“…We won’t continue to hurt non-violent dissenters just like we punish or kill the violent people. We won’t continue to spy on and hurt innocent people for political persecution. Our work prevented people from leading normal lives and we fueled more violence. And if we continue to serve, our own actions will further distance us from the end of conflict. What we did does not deserve the title of self-defense. We are not willing to do these things anymore.”  (editing and paraphrasing is mine.)

See also a letter published in The New York Times by a soldier no longer interested in serving in the ‘occupation’: Here.

Military conscientious objectors can obtain counseling and help at the Center For Conscience and War or online at ccw@centeronconscience.org.

Update: January 30th, 2015. Dissidents were dismissed from their posts. 

here’s the newspaper clipping:


…”the army is trying to make the issues that we were trying to raise go away by making us go away. “

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