My Silly Peace Plan For Ukraine Is Just As Workable As Your Nuclear War Plan.


DSCF0004You will save many millions of lives. It is affordable. For the price of one missile everyone who wants to fight goes on a cruise ship to the sunny, warm sexy place of their choosings.  With some spending money of course. What a way to beat the blues of winter and war!

When couples would come to the clinic in ‘fight’ mode this was a first level of inquiry: Would they rather fight than fuck?? Would they rather live in desperation or have some fun together?

McCain would have fled the room, no? Another love rejecting complainer, I say. But I am only tomthumb and just a powerless, little fellow.  Ukrainians and Russians seem to me to be life loving people.  I bet they’d take the peace and loving kindness choice.

Updated: Ruslan Kotsaba, journalist in Ukraine, has called for youth to disobey the call up for conscripts to fight in this Ukrainian civil war. His objection is to ‘fratricide’.  He was arrested and might face charges of treason and a 15 year sentence. His heroic use of his position as a well known TV journalist to call for civil disobedience to the conscription law should be highlighted and publicized. What if everyone refused to submit to the orders of the war mongers.?

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