The White House Proposes, The Tech Industry Disposes.



Making their money off your personal data would seem to contraindicate an industry- wide swing toward honoring individual privacy rights. With the current strong libertarian   trend in Silicon Valley and a concordant valuing of an absence of regulations, putting together a privacy bill of rights would seem to be very unlikely. There also seems to be a narcissistic self-idealization which ignores violations of privacy as minor events and trumpets  the “betterment of conditions for all of mankind” through technological progress.  The current governmental computerized sharing of healthcare data “for your own good” is a mirror of what is going on in the self-idolizing private sector. After reading Thomas Schultz’s  critique of the culture of Silicon Valley, it is my opinion that a strong distrust of these Tech giants is warranted. Each of these companies would prefer a monopoly of their own business domain, and there is nothing democratic about them. They are businesses and are devoted to their own preservation and success.

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