The Most Important Things I Learned Were Not Learned In The Classrooms.


“The most important Things I learned were not learned in the classrooms…or on the fields of battle in some war or on some isolated mountain top. I probably did not even have to leave my hometown to learn these things…When I chose to say no to military service I learned to face scorn. Disapproval. Ridicule. In falling in love I learned to love my girlfriend unconditionally. Bruised, I learned that I could love a woman who was having someone else’s baby. In sincere loyalty I learned that I could bond with other guys in friendships and protect rebellious friends from their own worst self-destructive impulses….And that life was/is not all work…and grit….but also Play and Fun!!!! & Being young means making life-changing decisions…a sobering time & that I could find freedom in my own mind or a prison of my own beliefs…..that there is more to college than preparation for work. And that if only I would listen to you and love you I could understand my own life and we could go forward together. “


If you would like to protest the ongoing wars and the expansion of empire, there is organizing for a teach in in DC HERE.

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