Full Take.

This is a big story because the part (New Zealand’s seizure of data content) can stand for the whole (NSA and five eyes depth of spying on all populations, globally).  It means that spy agencies have the capacity and the wish to collect everything, content included. DSCF0002

The NZ spying on China, South American diplomatic communications, Iran, Anarctica, India, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, …..for the NSA, means the USA is getting all of that data for its own spying.  In effect, the USA is spying on all of those nations through the NZ base.



Read both posts by Ryan Gallagher at The Intercept. On Trade Partners. On XKeyscore and Full Take.

If you would like to protest against the expansion of the empire and surveillance, forever war and war crimes, there is organizing for a teach-in in DC HERE.



Spelling error: partners not parnters. Heh.

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