CISA Will Undermine Privacy and Civil Liberties.


The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act-2015 (CISA) is described as a total surveillance bill.

CISA gives immunity to private actors such as corporations to share customers’ personal data with government, and immunity to government to share personal data we share with government with corporations. The sharing is “automated” without privacy protections, and without requiring a legal warrant to investigate citizens. Backdoor searches by law enforcement will be legally immunized by CISA. Imagine a fusion ven diagram where any system which aggregates data is communicating with, and accessing any other system doing the same, within and without government, in public and private systems, fused together. No boundaries. The opponents of the Bill have written THIS LETTER.

Like Canada’s Bill C51, CISA permits retaliatory strikes against the computers and systems of those considered to be ‘threats’, by corporations who get to define what a ‘threat’ is. (See Chris Hedges’ reaction to C51 HERE.)

Imagine holding a protest against Stratfor, a private intelligence gathering firm which contracts for corporations as well as for foreign states. Foreign states do not care about your First Amendment Right to free speech and dissent. Imagine going up against the oil extraction industries to prevent global warming. What does this new bill allow them to do against dissenters whom they have described as a direct threat to their economic interests.  As far as I can see, this bill allows corporations to retaliate against ‘threats’ to their economic interests, even though their economic interests may be in conflict with the survival of the planet Earth.

In addition, what will this mean to a free press?

Will sources be cyber outed and retaliated against? Will online blogs be retaliated against and blocked by unhappy tech corporations, or have their ad revenue sanctioned if the corporation does not like what is written there about them? Like Google has already done to

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