The Good Samaritan. Chelsea Manning.

The Good Samaritan. Who was the good Samaritan? Chelsea Manning was and is the Good Samaritan.

She saw her brothers being slaughtered in war crimes and she risked her life to report these to the world. One of the most infamous war crimes she leaked was the massacre of 12 people as recorded in The Collateral Murder Video and released by the web journalism site, Wikileaks. For her brave witness against war crimes she was punished by being sent to prison. 






The war crimes of this massacre included 1) shooting down innocent civilians and press, 2) killing the driver of a van and wounding his two children when he stopped to help a survivor, 3) desecrating bodies by running over them with a tank, 4) refusing medical care to two children. Additionally, the U.S. violated international law by not identifying the wounded and killed and by denying information to Reuters that the killing of their two journalists had even occurred. 

Chelsea Manning has used her time in prison to formulate a bill to protect journalists and bloggers when they report on news regarding national security issues and war issues. Currently, it is not certain that news reporters of any ilk and stripe are protected by any kind of press shield law when reporting on these issues.

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