I Really Think That What You Cats Need Is More Stuff./S

DSCF0003You might like to read this: http://thearchdruidreport.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-burden-of-denial.html


This one of my favorites:



 Yanomami, a representative of an indigenous tribe in the Amazon in Brazil, wrote an autobiography. His perspective on western society questions many of our taken for granted habits and taken for granted behaviors. He is in a unique position to show us how we look in the mirror of a slower, more natural way of life. He sees us as busy wasp-like creatures, always busy, and dazed inside noisy spaces. We look like ‘ghosts’ to him, sickly from inhaling the smoke of our machines and autos, and from constantly working. Yanomami said that we were too attached to our material things, dreaming of them as we fell asleep instead of dreaming of beautiful women! As if our stuff is our ‘lover’. He deplored our lack of space, our overcrowded cities and having to pay for water and to pee.  He saw how we mistreat the poor, taking them out of their crumbling homes and forcing them to be homeless and not sharing our wealth with those in need. He saw how we work  people until they are old and grey and then disappear them from society. He deplored our system of mass warfare and mass killing, claiming that in his world only the killer is punished by being killed, not women and children and not masses of people.  He saw how we kill because of jealousy for land or gold and how we fight like chickens or dogs. He deplored how we treat the environment as something to be consumed and as a ‘leftover’ of parts of it which we have not yet destroyed. He predicts that we will destroy the world if we make it sick with pollution. “We have only one sky,” he said, ” if it becomes sick, everything will end.”



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