Earthship Employment: 1 million personnel needed to serve as Fair Witnesses in North America.

Job Title: Fair Witness. 

Description: Applicants will have the ability to report accurately what they see and hear without extrapolation or making interpretations based upon external or internal influences. Applicants will have received clearance for seeing and hearing accurately without bias based upon others’ ethnicity or planet of origin.  Collaboration with other team members will be sized carefully (not required) to protect the fair witness’s ability to render independent and accurate reports. Applicants’ will show a lack of attachment to material self in devotion to a total attachment to their truth bearing vocation. 

Required education: This position requires acquisition of training in passive attentiveness, suppression of spontaneous responses, compartmentalization of rapid empathy and heightened awareness and acceptance of the full range of human experience. Immersion and understanding of everything human will require extensive study and careful navigation of emotional realms such as bias, and the vengeance-justice error and the ” I feel this to be right.” error. In addition, fair witnesses will learn to practice “letting go” of fixed ideas such as interpreting subjects inabilities/unresponsiveness as resistance or ‘refusal to comply’ or as ‘threat’. Acquisition of Self-tolerance skills,– for being inaccurate and making errors in transmission– will be part of the practice study program.

Careful “negation” practice study will be made in the areas of : 1. Distrust.  2. Personalization. 3. Making meaning out of chance happenings. 4. Hurry. Haste. Fast Motions. Loudness.5. Unclearly specified ideologies. 6. Endless seesaw false dichotomizing.  7. Fear.

Perception of threat-reduction will be taught in special sessions which may require medication and desensitization to millions of hours of Earth screen viewing. Applicants should have a ‘stone in their shoe’ personal difficulty which can be a starting point for training. 

Job Location and Pay: North American Societal Hotspots. 

Following the edict of Post-WW3, InterGlobal Bolsa Familia  will cover all the travel and living expenses of Fair Witnesses. As agreed in the Post-WW3 Guaranteed Job and Social Contract, all Fair Witnesses will enjoy medical and social pension benefits based upon the total equality equation for national wealth adjustment.

Public Work and Private Experiences Clause: Equipment such as body cameras and technology for neurological self-imaging and for emotion self-scanning will be provided by, owned by,  and maintained by InterGlobalMutualSecurity.  All public reports will remain available to the public in the Library of Global Congress as they remain in the public interest.

Personal writings of Fair Witnesses will remain in their copyright in addition to any patented inventions and artwork.

This entire piece is a riff off of the idea of a Fair Witness as written by Robert A. Heinlein is his bestseller, A Stranger In A Strange Land. There are two Fair Witnesses in the book. One is used to identify if a person is pretending to be someone he is not, and another is used to take a deposition. I focused a lot on the time being after WW3, because you would think that we would have moved beyond war by then. We could move beyond war right now: We could share our economic wealth equally and reduce group conflicts and wars. 

But really the connection to Fair Witnesses comes from listening to and reading about one tragic killing after another of unarmed black men by white policemen. The body cameras which police will now be required to wear (since their reports of the killings differed from the videos made of the killings by bystanders), will have to be recording to catch these events and the public will have to have access to the recordings in order for the process not to be edited by the police or by prosecutors.  We really do have to create Fair Witnesses to accompany law enforcement in their work. It really would make a difference if justice could be served. No one would have to use memory which is full of errors. Instead there would be a record of every event. 

When Occupy Wall Street had demonstrations, the Lawyers Guild wore Green florescent colored hats and worked as observers. Some  arrests were recorded with video. It really did eliminate a great deal of the false talk, the criminalizing misrepresentations and is the major public arena in which total video recording seems necessary. As a privacy advocate, this is the one area in which I think technology could actually serve justice. 




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