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Wrinkled Hippies Wave “Hello!”

Some word images for Memorial Day 2015. From the NY Times, two pages single spaced, fine print, lists of names, printed in black ink, against white paper of thousands of CEOs receiving  an average of 22 million dollars in pay … Continue reading

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A Note of Appreciation To Senator Rand Paul.

Thank you for speaking up for Americans’ rights to privacy, both in their words and in their deeds, and for speaking against government overreach in sharing the data with law enforcement and private companies. Mass surveillance has silenced would be … Continue reading

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If Intel is Committing Crimes There, They are Also Violating Laws Here: Don’t Compartmentalize.

We saw the re-emergence of counterintelligence at Occupy Wall Street and then against activists opposing the building of the tar sands carrying pipeline, Keystone XL.  We watched as anti-fracking activists were targeted and surveilled in Pennsylvania and New York by … Continue reading

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FBI Gives Environmentalists The “Extremists” Treatment.

You heard it here last because I am blocked from accessing the Guardian site. Why? The Guardian says that there is no problem on their end. According to the Guardian headline: The folks who opposed the Keystone XL pipeline apparently … Continue reading

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Torture, and the Abuse of Psychologists’ Professionalism.

James Risen’s book, Pay Any Price. Greed, Power and Endless War. 2014  P.163-201., describes the development of the American torture programs with the complicity of the Psychologists and the APA, their professional association. Only one apparent whistleblower, Gerwehr, who died in … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day NSA! Thanks for the Death Rays!!/s

If you have been following the NSA mass surveillance revelations since June, 2013, you will have learned an overwhelming amount about the NSA programs from the documents shared by Edward Snowden and reported by journalist, Glenn Greenwald and editors at … Continue reading

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When were you called to sacrifice your life to serve others? Was it when you were so ecstatically happy to be among everyone in some kind of a group? Were you singing? Did you find your bliss in a rough … Continue reading

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