Happy Mother’s Day NSA! Thanks for the Death Rays!!/s

If you have been following the NSA mass surveillance revelations since June, 2013, you will have learned an overwhelming amount about the NSA programs from the documents shared by Edward Snowden and reported by journalist, Glenn Greenwald and editors at major newspapers such as the Guardian. 

For this writer overcoming two cognitive blocks was the first task: the complete denial of agency for these programs by the NSA and by the government politicians who approved them, and funded them through legislation. And the mass media’s attacks on the messengers who were delivering the ‘truth’ about these programs on a weekly basis. 

The first two stories revealed the mass surveillance of Americans’ phone calls and the complete exploitation of internet companies and access to the web through the Prism program. To familiarize the public to all of the programs publicized by the newspapers, Glenn Greenwald wrote and published in record time, No Place To Hide.**

The beauty of the slow release of all of the mass surveillance stories has been the display of complacency by internet corporations whose complicity makes the mass surveillance possible. In addition, politicians have also been given an opportunity to show their craven subjugation to corporate influences by failing to pass reforms banning mass surveillance at the NSA. The President of the United States has had an opportunity to flip flop between denying the significance of the surveillance, to admitting reforms were necessary to address privacy rights, to being currently oblivious to obvious violations of first and fourth amendment rights by the NSA, CIA, DEA, FBI, and the DOJ. New, serious candidates for President in 2016 have also made reform the last thing on their list of promised changes. And, finally, an Intel chief has been permitted to complain on TV that they do not have access to enough Americans’ personal, private information and to admit indirectly that they intend to access it all, and collect it all, as aptly proved in Greenwald’s book. You should read it if you have not. 

In Appelbaum’s recent talk here, I found a report of a sort of computer ‘death ray’ NSA program. 


The latest revelation from Appelbaum’s talk which has me shocked is the NSA’s capacity to turn anyone’s computer work session into an 1 kilowatt radiation bath which would be produced by an external  continuous wave generator.* This is the most dramatic “active” surveillance so far. It is described in Appelbaum’s talk which may have occurred last year. We know that this kind of energy can damage human cells and cause cancer, so we are forced to ask the NSA as she celebrates her being the mother of all of these children ( her programs), is it necessary to add torture and a cruel death from cancer to already being able to drone strike an enemy through knowing the GPS of their computer?

Please copy the link and watch Appelbaum’s talk. There are maybe 50 of these destructive NSA programs and they will shock you. I think that the overarching program’s name is Quantum.

The human brain’s capacity for cognitive shocks is limited. The NSA’s out of control program generation defies easy comprehension, and it has proven to be more than many can comprehend much less believe. Much of the material is technical and seems almost the stuff of science fiction. But the damage to our freedoms, our privacy and right not to have the NSA quartered on our computers, or free not to have the NSA zapping us through our home internet devices, is revolutionary.  NSA surveillance extremism is a form of state terrorism, and with the death ray, we see it is a form of violence too. Getting dizzy?

Some truths take awhile to comprehend, to sink in and some people will have a hard time accepting the new information. Is this what some mean when they say the new information is just causing too much cognitive dissonance?  It was bad enough when we learned that our unplugged computers could send wi-fi through captured NSA wi-fi sites and empty our files while we thought we were offline. Now in 2015, we play catch up again, to learn that the NSA can turn our computers into weapons, beaming deadly rays into our bodies. The NSA is cooking its targets like meat in a microwave.

While the NSA (and its private contractors) is celebrating endless trips to the government money troughs on Mother’s Day, we should praise Jacob Applelbaum for recording his talk about the NSA’s Quantum programs, their invasiveness, and destructive capacity. 

Happy Mother’s Day NSA!

*One Kilowatt RF is produced by a continuous wave generator, pictured by Appelbaum in the transcript, 1-2 GZ, at 45 megaherzt, boosting 2 watts up to 1kW.

From the Der Spiegel site:

The NSA’s ANT division has developed an entire range of equipment for seeing and hearing what happens inside rooms without having to actually install radio-signal-emitting bugging devices in them. Most of this equipment involves a combination of hardware implants which emit a very inconspicuous signal, and a radio unit aimed, from outside, at the space being monitored. Reflected radar waves are changed by the signal emitted by the implant hidden in the targeted space, making it possible to capture the location of a specific object in the room (device name: “TAWDRYYARD”), words spoken there (“LOUDATO”) or what is being displayed on a monitor (“NIGHTWATCH” and “RAGEMASTER”). ANT’s name for this family of surveillance equipment, made up of a combination of hardware implants and radar detection, is “ANGRYNEIGHBOR.” Then there is the CTX4000 radar unit, which can reveal the signals emitted by devices such as laser printers, even if they don’t contain an implant. The NSA calls this system “DROPMIRE,” and internal documents show it has been used, for example, to spy on EU representatives’ offices in Washington.

CTX4000 The predecessor to PHOTOANGLO, a transmitter of continuous radar waves for signals analysis of reflections from implants like those in the ANGRYNEIGHBOR family. Among other purposes, it is used for data collection under a method called DROPMIRE, which has been used, for example, against the European Union’s diplomatic offices in Washington, DC.


Here’s a YouTube description about how these radar using bugs work:

Here’s a literature review study which suggests that microwave is associated with increased incidence of cancers. Non ionizing microwave radiation appears to increase oxidative stress and destruction of DNA bonds.


Afterwords: The creation of these weapons represents one more step toward a totalitarian, police state in which rebellion is physically annihilated. It is eliminationist at its core, a kind of death culture.

Why do we fail to imagine the application of these weapons to our civilian population after we have experienced the use of drones in wars. These are killing machines whose goal is to assert power over people. Right now, like killer drones, these ray weapons are used against terrorists in “targeted killing”, whose health and well-being we are supposed not to care about. When the weapons are brought home we will care very much when people we identify with are sickened or killed by microwave radar operating with the same energy as an electric heater. (A thousand watts)

Have you never burned your hand on a stove??? 

Glenn Greenwald’s book, No Place To Hide. Sorry my links button is not working:


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