If Intel is Committing Crimes There, They are Also Violating Laws Here: Don’t Compartmentalize.

We saw the re-emergence of counterintelligence at Occupy Wall Street and then against activists opposing the building of the tar sands carrying pipeline, Keystone XL.  We watched as anti-fracking activists were targeted and surveilled in Pennsylvania and New York by national security agencies. We read in the NSA documents that the British intel agencies created their own disruptive, coercive policies under JTRIG, through which reputation destruction and destroying activist group cohesion techniques were deployed. People who were working for positive change in their society were being lured into discrediting behaviors or being pinned to discrediting associations. We understand that Canada has just formalized into law these disruptive intel actions, based not upon probable cause of their victims, but the paranoia and suspicion of their police and intel perpetrators, under the new Law, C-51. We should expect to be subjected to the same abusive intel behaviors here in the U.S.. 

The tendency for an individual is to say, I have not done anything wrong, how does that apply to me or my country. After all, if they are collecting full content of all telephone and internet calls in New Zealand, how does that apply to me, here in the U.S.?? But the bitter truth is that if a spy program is being utilized in one of the five eyes countries, you can safely bet that it is not being left idle in the other four. And, why would you want to leave yourself vulnerable to these deliberately invasive spying techniques?

“CSIS’ Use of Disruption to Counter National Security Threats” is a public document which explains the rationale behind the initiation of disruption attacks on Canadians. Just Google it to learn how the paranoid intel in Canada decided to invade the privacy and to disrupt the lives of Canadians, based upon their fear of the unknown, the possibly hidden, and the possibility that citizens might pose a threat in the future in a future action, presently unknown. That sure sounds like paranoid delusional thinking to me. But my point, is that now that we know Canadians are getting this disruption-coercion, we can bet that Americans are subject to this too. 

This is what we can expect:

Eyes-on-surveillance” (essentially organized stalking),break-ins, demagnetization of bank cards, vandalism,smear campaigns, installing rootkits and vicious malware on computers, overwhelming a vehicle’s electronics to cause malfunction and injecting metallic noise onto a home’s powerlines resulting in sleep deprivation are all tactics used in disruption. The end game in disruption is a “sting.” Hence agent provocateurs are brought in to try to dupe the target into committing a crime or acting “dangerous.”


Don’t ignore what is going on around you. The Canadian intel folks say that they have prevented “radicalization” through letting targets know that they are being monitored 24/7. That sure worked out well in France. It is not just that this policy is nuts, it is also stupid. 

Don’t ignore the facts. This is the new no-touch torture in Canada. And if you think that it is not going on here in the U.S., how foolish is that???? 

Updated May 18th, 2015: Britain is going to allow police to disrupt any group or persons deemed to be ‘extremist’ or threatening the perceived order.


Updated May 21st, 2015: NSA hacked iphones to be able to implant spyware and to conduct disruptive man-in-the-middle attacks on targets:


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