A Note of Appreciation To Senator Rand Paul.

Thank you for speaking up for Americans’ rights to privacy, both in their words and in their deeds, and for speaking against government overreach in sharing the data with law enforcement and private companies. Mass surveillance has silenced would be government whistleblowers who serve as a check against government wrong doing, and has allowed zealous government prosecutors to send one whistleblower to prison based upon circumstantial evidence (metadata). The New York Times sequestered the story of your filibuster on Page 17 of the May 21st, 2015 issue. 

Repealing the Patriot Act and not passing enabling legislation like the Freedom Act would be great, but there’s more to be done than merely those tasks. Surveillance has now entered into the active and disruptive actions “phase” wherein dissidents, reformers and simple political opposition speakers are being targeted for dirty tricks, as in CoIntelPro behaviors. New legislation permitting disruptive acts by intelligence and law enforcement has been passed in France, the U.K. and in Canada. Using the power of total data collection and file aggregations for each citizen, isolating individuals and groups for attacks will be easier than ever. The use of snitch informants is ubiquitous and DOJ even has a program specializing in entrapments of foolish people into faux terror plots of government’s own creation.  We have gone far beyond mere bulk collection of telephone call records. This is the informational-totalitarian state. Programs operate secretly without permission from Congress while legislators play dumb as if it is not happening. 

Few people realize that full content is being taken even though leaked records show New Zealand doing this. People do not understand that disruptive spying in one country with in the five eyes spy system, means disruptive spying in all of those participating countries using the NSA Global Reach program. Within the US, the ICReach programs allows the three letter spy agencies FBI-CIA-DEA-DOJ-NSA and defense intelligence agencies to share information, prepare parallel construction cases, and use it as a dragnet. Local law enforcement is also allowed access to information from the Federal level systems. In addition, the large internet companies are a part of this spy operation. Also the private contractors in the government spy business are making billions of dollars doing this work for the government. Snowden worked for one of those contractors. 

The access to our internet data is made three ways: open source from the data brokers of the internet, access to the pipes of the net as they go from continent to continent, and direct access to important internet service servers such as Facebook, Apple, Google, and so on. All of the phone companies around the globe have server access points which governments have demanded they allow them to access. Vodafone made that revelation last summer. In additon, a program called xKeystroke can follow every move a user makes in real time. They really have become the Borg.

But this note is a note of appreciation for your solitary efforts to throw off the tyranny of the home invasions and illegal searches made to our digital lives. Thank you Senator Rand Paul. 

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