Wrinkled Hippies Wave “Hello!”

Some word images for Memorial Day 2015.

From the NY Times, two pages single spaced, fine print, lists of names, printed in black ink, against white paper of thousands of CEOs receiving  an average of 22 million dollars in pay this year.

From Washington, D.C., the Vietnam Memorial, fifty plus thousand names in light print against a black background, deaths of Americans boys, just like me, only dead…..

Starting ‘color’ revolutions which lead to violence and then repression. Then supporting new dictators who condemn the elected representatives of the ‘color’ revolutions to death…….

Drone bombing people who inspire terrorists to attack us, so we go back and drone bomb people with profiles including statements that they do not want to be drone bombed….

NYPD sweeping Occupy from the Park in the middle of the night….backstage war resisters sitting in molding basements full of protest posters, signs, paintings…..

Unarmed black men thinking, “they can just shoot us down, anytime, any day and there’s nothing that we can do to stop them…”

Uncle MoneyBags, Buffet,  saying poor people should realize that rich people are more deserving than they are and how rich people should have all of the $$pie.  A nuclear bomb would level the economic playing field…..

Wall Street financier, too drunk on champagne to inhibit his disdain, pees out the skyscraper window onto Zuccotti Park below, “enjoy the golden stream, kiddies”.

GPS on every iphone in Liberty Park. Arresting protestors before they could get down the stairs of their apartment buildings, before they could even meet………….

It said in Chinese and in English, “Do not eat this.” on the box containing his new pair of Dr. Scholl’s walking shoes. Don’t eat the manmade material in the shoes either……

Your Anti-Global-Warming Protest is an NSA approved protest. You may advance to the free speech area which does not have militarized police in MRAP trucks and .50 cal weapons. 

You have to pay monthly towards private healthcare insurance or the Feds will come and seize your whatnots?….no healthcare was received during any of these transactions……..

A volunteer army means you can choose to starve or sign up. Like mercenaries, they get paid to kill other poor people, to protect rich peoples’ junk. They get paid. It is not charity work.

They give me free paint so that they can get rid of their mixing mistakes: copperish greens, whitish oranges, and get a tax write-off for donating this brownish mud to me.

The tentacles of the armed services span across the globe in a vast empire of bases. Foxes have dens and birds, nests, but the Son of Man has no home and nothing to eat, and only one pair of pants without holes in the knees.

On the Tire shop’s big screen TV I saw 3 homicides, 1 domestic violence incident, two rapes…..and learned that policemen always tell the truth and are nonviolent. Only bad guys have guns.

I never saw a rusted police car or a broken down military truck or an air force aircraft with a wing held on with aluminum sticky tape and bailing wires. Or officers picking up remainders at the Food Bank.

If only the Little People Countries would Obey, the Exceptional countries would not have to shoot, bomb, invade, and bully them into giving over all of their natural resources…..

So many snitches now, they are available at every store you shop at, every gas station, and are posted along the way home, even at the stop lights…..go to the police and turn yourself in, arrest yourself and save them the time and money.

Big Media so far off the money, to know what’s going on, just close your eyes and imagine what might be really happening, or go outside to the street and just look with your own eyes….I mean…if the lights went out and the fellow next to you started shaving your face, would it really make a big difference? Not if you keep watching the boob tube.

It’s tea for two. 2 beautiful Japanese blue print China cups, a steaming pot of hot water! Oops! She went to rich peoples’ property extraction Court and now you can’t even afford a date and tea bags.

“They are takin’ our jobs!” Which one of the two was that?  The two jobs three hundred applied for in Pittsburgh?  94 million jobless are easy to miss. 94 million jobs would be hard to ignore.

The Services means job security, so does paying both sides in a civil war in the ME. Then the ‘democratic’ countries can R2P them, and recolonize each and every one.

Change the name from Department of Defense to the Transformative Forces, able to wipe out elites and culture in any country. A wrecking crew capable of creating synthetic peace: rubble, graves, debris, the absence of human beings. (Too stupid to know how to plant a tree.) Gave them the Libya treatment and re-supplied them with enough arms to murder each other. Humanitarian genocide.

Ramshackle fallen down old barn, no one wants to use you. Old house with old person living in the kitchen all year round. Young people own nothing but debts. The spirit of the place fled from it, along with the jobless youth. 

All that bailout money went to the Wall St. banks and banks want us to pay for it. The young people will eventually rebel and burn the place down but first they have to figure out who done it. If Wall St. was only marked with bright red flagging tape so the young people could find it…….

If China buys up Apple and Apple and Google buy up New York State will we be working making Dr. Scholl’s shoes and sending them to rich countries like China with a little sticker on the cardboard box,  says,… in Chinese, then English: “Don’t Eat this.”?

It’s Memorial Day. If you have to make war, make war against the rich and powerful. Just lay down your arms, and their rich man’s army will be defeated, and all of us will be free.

The only thing that stands between a soldier and a decent life are the people who want everything for themselves.















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