Feminism Must Convert All Men Into Rogues and Cassandras.

To assert their victim status and social control, feminists must uniformly translate all male behaviors into negative events and all male motives must be interpreted as having ill intent. Feminists use negative attributions to any and all of men’s behaviors as a form of social aggression. The most noble of male behaviors is converted by feminists as being base, vile, evil and destructive to women. Many absurd conclusions of feminism include attacks on the small deferences of men for women which feminists deride as a form of trying to diminish women, as a way to treat women as inferior, as away to control women. Feminists can maintain the ‘women as victim’ perspective by painting all men’s actions as detrimental to women.

All human beings thrive on praise. Little boys thrive on their mothers’ praise.  Esther Vilar states clearly in her book, “The Manipulated Man”, how women train men to depend upon praise when they are children, and later on to depend on women’s praise and sex as adults. By the time men become adults they are enslaved to their need for women’s sexual love and their verbal love (positive praise).

The Feminist agenda is to control men’s behavior through using a stick, by withdrawing praise, and withdrawing sex. It’s a punishing mode of control using negativity as a blunt tool of punishment. Feminists apply their social aggression through rejection, criticism, anger, expressing disappointment, manifesting expressions of disgust, turning the feminists’ back on all good deeds performed by men, and by rejecting useful information offered by men, By turning men into rogues and Cassandras, men are dismissed as discredited  sources of information. In order to assert superiority and feminist access to a privileged status today, feminists insist on a version of the past in which they claim a fabricated victimhood of oppression.

By starving men of any social validity and identity they cut men off from a sense of their own importance and value, and turn men into second class citizens, rationalizing feminists further abuse of men, and enabling the further exploitation of men. Feminists create a no-win situation for men. They cannot seek praise from feminist women because they are never rewarded; their motives are derided and their behaviors are rejected as bad deeds or as disappointing. They can only withdraw and stop chasing the nonexistent prize of feminists’ praise or acceptance.

Men’s withdrawal is fought by feminists because men stop serving them.

It is amazing how much feminist poison men will swallow in the futile hope that some kind of positivity will be achieved! True to the laws of reinforcement, men will eventually stop trying. When men withdraw, feminists will accuse them of being vile and evil and of being a terrible threat to women’s welfare!! Having already destroyed marriage, sex, fathers and fatherhood, feminists have run out of things to take away from men. But they continue to use negative attribution to men whenever men continue to converse with feminists. The next phase for men is to withdraw and refuse to talk to women who are feminists. To block men from ‘leaving town’,  feminists now unsuccessfully compare withdrawing men to historic, psychopathic, violent criminals who actually did harm women. Men who vocally reject feminists as candidates for dates have the stigma of negative identities thrown at them by angry feminists. The most liberal man who decides to withdraw from the feminist fold and to avoid feminist women, is called a potential mass murderer by the threatened feminists. Kind of like a verbal acid attack on men to leave them emotionally disfigured for life.

Feminists who complain that men don’t want their company anymore are an unsympathetic group, like silverware thieves who stop getting invites to holiday family dinners! The feminists complain that their victims (men) have no reason to resist more opportunities for feminists to harm them. Feminists’ cries of prior victimhood fall on deaf ears as they sound like thieves who justify their deeds by claiming that their victims stole from them in the mysterious, far off past. Feminists claim that men oppressed them, without any other evidence other than their uneducated opinion. (They successfully used their claim of oppression to destroy marriage which they claimed constrained the identities of women. ) But now, they have overstepped the natural boundaries of human credulity by asserting that somehow impoverished, unemployed, under educated, socially rejected men are ‘privileged’ and oppressing women. Men see this as utter nonsense and withdraw. The very disadvantages which men now experience are living proof of the feminist lies. When men are honest with themselves about their own situations, they see clearly how feminism has oppressed men, and how feminism ‘justifies’ future oppression of men. Feminists are fighting back by calling any man who rebells against them “sexists”, “white superiority racists”,”nazis” to the point of feminists looking ridiculous. Feminists must make men who rebel against them into demons to be feared and these ‘demons’ must be prevented from having a voice and suppressed, hence men are turned into Cassandras whose voices are not listened to.

Cassandra told the truth and no one listened to her, so they and she perished together. Men who speak out against the cancer of feminism feel invisible and think their voices are unheard. But really that can’t be true. Today’s Cassandras are so threatening to feminists that feminists fight against men who speak out by actively censoring them. Feminists would not fight so hard against men who rebel if the men were not having some success in neutralizing the feminists’ negative messages about men.

Men are exercising their human right to self preservation through a nonviolent form of self-defense, withdrawing from relationships with feminist women. Men’s natural needs for women’s praise and love are traps feminist women use to exploit men. Natural social needs for intimacy and closeness are used by feminist women to ensnare men, to lull men back into slaving for women just to obtain a few scraps of praise. Rebelling men are still going where the love is, but this time it is about caring for themselves and their own well being. Men begin their rebellion through aversion to pain, and hopefully complete their rebellion through self-acceptance and self-respect.


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