Covid19 War Room: 2.23.20

6:54 A.M.      Online I watch on Youtube as the United Kingdom health services officials tell patients who suspect that they have the infection, that they should stay home. Then call their local health service and the health service will travel to the patient’s home to test them for the virus and to assess the symptoms.

The first impression I get is that the H.S. wants people to not contaminate the local health services offices, as what happened in Brighton. The second thought that comes to mind is that people are going to be expected to weather this out at home as most (80%) will have mild infections, and will be able to spread the virus to others during their illness. The third impression I have is that officials want to isolate the virus to contain it, which makes more sense than the current, do as you please, policies.

Update at 2:04 p.m.: At the special coronavirus Lancet site, an article on the virus’s impact on pregnant women who become infected. All of the births were by c-section and there was no evidence of intrauterine infection of the babies. This is good news. This is contiguous with prior epidemiological evidence of the virus generally sparing the lives of children. All of the mothers in the pregnant women’s study lived.

Update at 3:25 p.m.: Dr. John Campbell, on youtube, suggests strongly that the World Health Organization should declare a world pandemic of the CoVid19 disease. He is concerned that the U.K. is not prepared for a 20% severe case demand on the health care system. If the WHO declare a pandemic, resources can be appropriated to shore up healthcare systems. Dr. Campbell stated that healthcare systems are already operating at their maximum and this is under normal, not pandemic demands. My opinion is that he is right. I also can make a case to support the U.K.’s strategy to have patients not go to clinics and not congregate at ERs at hospitals to prevent additional infections/new cases. When Fukushima’s nuclear plant melted down, homeless old Japanese men were recruited to clean up the radioactive mess. At that time I made a negative moral judgement about the decision to throw the most marginalized at their problem. At this time I think it might make sense to send people like me in to interview cases and to report back to their clinics so that medical doctors can diagnose and treat newly infected persons, allowing patients to quarantine at home, allowing medical staff not to get sick and die.

How can I rationalize this? I am dying from cancer. My life is likely not to go on many more years. It would give meaning to my life to help others. I have been trying to help others one way or another, my whole life, and my mother would be proud of me if I volunteered! If I died, I can claim that my life had meaning and that I live it to the fullest and that I had courage to face difficulties. I would enjoy being a surrogate interviewer to note patient’s symptoms, measure their temperatures with a computer thermometer, take their oxygen saturation percentages, and to report if they had fever, a cough, the chills, or shortness of breath. Milder cases could be identified and left food and medicine sot that they could deal with their flu at home.  Severe cases could be brought to hospital for treatment in ICUs by the guys in the hazmat suits! This would take stress off the hospitals and their staff who are most at risk for infection from these patients.

That’s it. I will be one of your first volunteers to help you identify those in need.

Here’s Dr. Campbell’s youtube suggestion to the WHO and why:

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