Neuroscientist sees strong connection between Covid19 infections and irrational, aggressive, behaviors and also sudden deaths from heart pathologies and respiratory failures.

The virus attacks the brain via infection through the nasal olefactory system which enables breaching the brain barriers, then transfection from synapse to synapse damages brain areas, one after the other. He says the process occurs within 3 weeks of infection.

The Chinese saw clinical markers at the level of the nervous system, but our media has overlooked these dangerous symptoms.

With disinhibition increasing in the brain in response to brain damage from Covid19, people become disinhibited and act upon normally suppressed aggressive impulses. Reports of a man spitting on others with the intention to infect them, grabbing at doctors masks, saying that they want to take doctors with them if they die, came out of China but were ignored as one-off events. This scientist sees these behaviors as a strong symptom trend.

When disinhibited, people attack others physically as the report of a case of a man in India who bit an old woman to death. Disinhibition means people act on their anger, on their angry feeling, on their angry thoughts, by physically hitting others, yelling at others, and saying what they would ordinarily repress.

The other more subtle impact of brain damage from Covid19 are impacts on automatic bodily functions, like impulses to keep the heart pumping and the wiring which sustains breathing. Both can be impaired to the extent that it kills. The latter explains sudden death and people just dropping in the streets in China.

The knowledge or awareness of this attack on the brain should help physicians understand why attempts to heal individuals in the ICU is so difficult and often unrewarding. Perhaps doctors can save more lives by figuring out how to intervene sooner with antivirals to prevent brain damage.

Don’t just tell people to go home. Give everyone antivirals right away. Prevent the zombie apocalypse. Doctors, now you know. Get busy. Treat these symptoms with the same love you treat a cough, shortness of breath, and fevers.




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