Covid19 Attacks the CNS Resulting In Disinhibition of Fear, Rage, resulting in Impulsive Behaviors In Some Cases.

Kevin McCairn, PhD., a neuroscientist specializing in understanding the CNS behind Tourettes disorder using the rabies model of synaptic transfection, is warning everyone that their nervous system is a prime target of Covid19. The entry point is through the nose via the olfactory bulb, and from there the virus spreads from synaptic system to synaptic system, with the invasion effective within a three week period.

McCairn warns that he sees a parallel between the disinhibition by Covid19 and disinhibition through Tourette’s disorder. Covid19 is associated with the antisocial behaviors seen on videos of Chinese spitting on doorknobs, wiping elevator buttons with spit, angry attacks on pedestrians, vengeful attacks on doctors with the intention of causing harm to their targets. Amplification of fear through the amygdala and disinhibition of systems involved in self-control, may be behind much of the bad behavior and irrational behaviors we are seeing, from people fighting over toilet paper and stealing from each others shopping cart, to street assaults by strangers.

McCairn points out that normally we spend tremendous amounts of glucose and oxygen inhibiting ourselves from antisocial behaviors. Normally, the impulses we have are held in check through a system of active inhibition. Covid19 disables these systems. He warns that we should be careful about our own impulses and fears at this time, especially risk taking, as the virus may be creating a sort of stinking thinking oblivious to normal awareness of the consequences of our actions. The virus is benefitted when it invades our CNS because it nullifies our risk-reward calculations, and lowers our normal inhibition, our normal cautiousness, and prudence.

McCairn warns that this could happen to anyone, anywhere who is infected or who is adjacent to a person who is infected. He is concerned that reports of mild asymptomatic persons who report loss of smell are being ignored and or misunderstood. Just as conjunctivitis from Covid19 is more than pink eye, McCairn sees these symptoms and behaviors as pointing to CNS damage. People dropping in the street, sudden deaths, may be related to CNS damage to central automatic systems which control and regulate heart and breathing functions. One patient reported that in order to stay alive in the ICU she had to consciously and deliberately take breaths as her CNS had stopped sending those signals to her lungs. McCairn points to patients whose hearts have simply stopped beating as  further evidence of CNS invasion.

McCairn fears that Americans may be at risk of becoming violent and acting on impulses which they would ordinarily hold well in check. Americans are armed and this virus could make them act without thinking of consequences, based upon primitive impulses from the disease CNS.  Because of his work to understand rabies, he understands that viruses can hop from synaptic system to synaptic system; he’s seen animals with rabies act without any control, having erections, shitting uncontrolled. In other words, ‘totally losing it’.

McCairn sees impulsive behavior through infection by Covid19 as another vector for Covid19 to use to spread itself. He worries that young people are especially at risk as their awareness of their own impulsivity is just beginning, and just developing. They need to be aware that their brains may be at risk for infection, and look for unusual behaviors, things they do which are not in their usual ‘set of behaviors’, out of character for themselves.This advice applies to all ages.

People need to be vigilant about sudden changes in behavior: aggression in the peaceful or normally diffident. Sociability in the normally timid. Rage in the normally self controlled.

Access to firearms in America will not be a plus in this situation. Video below by Dr. McCairn


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