Paranoid Rage and Countries’ Casus Belli As Symptoms of Neuroinvasion by Covid19

Kevin McCairn Ph.D.’s work suggests that Covid19 is well on its way to disrupting the world through biological devastation of entire populations and through the lack of insight into the disruption of their own limbic systems by world leaders. Everyone should own their own pathological reactions due to disinhibition of their brains. Leaders should contemplate what it means to disinhibit our worst impulses and then to act on these reactive, hostile, externalizing, blaming, attacking behaviors. My response is to post post-its all around the internet saying, “DON’T do it!” “STOP”. “Don’t go where you are going. Your certainty is just your limbic system telling you to jump off a cliff.”

When America blames China and China blames America and both are armed with nuclear weapons it is no different than the backwoods fight between the McCabes and the McCoys, and it always ends badly. We see people fighting over toilet paper and know that for them, it is too late to isolate. If they are fighting and killing each other, they are already infected. We see people waiting for hours to buy masks and fighting with each other in line. Not merely yelling, but using their fists. Link below to Dr. McCairn’s work.

Unsuspecting people are being subjected to mania from this disease and are becoming hyperkinetic and are  likely to run into conflict with others who are similarly afflicted. Their brains are being hijacked by a virus.

Brain systems do much more than simply control breathing and heart beats. Your sleeping. Your energy level. Your movements. Your moods. Your sociability. Your tolerance for stimuli. All these are affected by this viral invasion. Yes. Your stomach can be emptied through vomiting by this virus. So can your bowels. The virus can get to any part of the brain in three synaptic hops according to Dr. Mccairn. There is communication throughout the brain. The abnormal behaviors we see on the streets seem consistent with neuroinvasion by a virus. I am surprised we do not hear more about mental status problems, and more about delirium and irrational sequelae to the infection.

(In order to treat these symptoms I/we need to look to preexisting research on Tourettes, on Rabies, on OCD, on meningitis, on seizures, on brain inflammation, on hoarding, on mania, on the Botzinger Complex, on fecal smearing behaviors….That’s for today’s studying and mining the pubmed. ) What do we know about the pathology leading to perseveration of impulses?? It is a race against time!

Will world leaders realize that their thinking, feeling and action impulses are being driven by brain symptoms of Covid19? Of will they launch wars against nonenemies, or focus obsessively like Captain Ahab on internal perceptions of enemies that have no basis in reality? Will there be virus driven war? Or self-awareness, self-monitoring,  Can they STOP? Or must they,— through virus-induced OCD, press the shiny red button?

If you care about this and are in agreement that we must face our darkest least social impulses and fight back against them I hope you can hear my praise and applause for you.

[Insert a photo of RAF pilots racing for their planes, hoping to get in the air in time to intercept the German bombers before they reach London. Godspeed men! Let’s stop them at the Channel!]

Kevin McCairn references this article: Yan Chao Li et al’s article:



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