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Half of the Truth, Half of the Time. How the New York Times Discredited A Baltimore Demonstration.

The Page A1 story shows a burning building, attributes only violence and property destruction to “thugs” and “outsiders” and speaks only of rioters and of a police department ‘stretched thin’ by community violence. (The burning building is across town from … Continue reading

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My Dog Is Smarter Than The Politicians Who Want To Cut Food Stamps.

  Looks like the war on the working poor is getting back into high gear. The austerians ┬áin D.C. are declaring the lie that the economic recovery has raised all boats and that Food Stamps should be cut. They have … Continue reading

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What The Have-Nots Have.

click on the image to enlarge. The idea that these programs contribute to the Federal fiscal problems is ridiculous. Politically, we have only one Socialist Senator who cares more about us than the Haves. Only one. We have Medicaid if … Continue reading

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