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Why Are Men More Affected By nCoV-2019?

In a recent video by Peak Prosperity on youtube, we learn that men are most affected by nCoV-2019 virus because they have more of ACES-2, which make their lungs more susceptible to infection. He references a Lancet Journal article which … Continue reading

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Men’s Health Disadvantages and Male disposability: Men are Work Slaves who Pay for the Essentials of their own Enslavement.

Men’s health is shown to be disadvantaged through men’s early deaths and overall shorter life longevity when compared to women’s better health, women’s fewer early deaths, and women’s longer lifespans.* The statistics shown by William Collins in his book, The … Continue reading

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While No One Was Looking, Lawmakers Changed Medicare Into Managed Care.

According to the New York Times, Medicare payment has been shifted to paying doctors for the overall quality of their care, and away from reimbursement for specific services and in proportion to numbers of services provided. This is a counter-revolution … Continue reading

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Equal Societies Are Sustained By Democracy With A Small “d”.

Highly equal societies have a high level of personal trust, an expectation that community members will look out for each other. With more equal levels of material wealth, there is less frustration, less resentment, less humiliation and more opportunities to … Continue reading

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What The Have-Nots Have.

click on the image to enlarge. The idea that these programs contribute to the Federal fiscal problems is ridiculous. Politically, we have only one Socialist Senator who cares more about us than the Haves. Only one. We have Medicaid if … Continue reading

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No ‘AnticrisisObama’ For Medicare in 2016.

In a  February 3, 2015, New York Times article written by Robert Pear, cuts to Medicare in the 2016 budget are outlined. The total is $399 billion in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid. 1.  Increased payments by Medicare beneficiaries for care and coverage. … Continue reading

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Turning Your Private Healthcare Data Into Public Data.


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