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Old Ill Men Are Not “Bare Branches”.

Society has storied old, ill men as bare branches who should just go away and die. Who won’t be missed as they have lost their value. Who are spent casks, empty without anything to offer. Who are not going to … Continue reading

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Why Are Men More Affected By nCoV-2019?

In a recent video by Peak Prosperity on youtube, we learn that men are most affected by nCoV-2019 virus because they have more of ACES-2, which make their lungs more susceptible to infection. He references a Lancet Journal article which … Continue reading

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Misandry and Cynicism in “The Second Coming” (2003) U.K.Television Show.

Misandry spills out into all parts of our popular culture, even TV shows dissing religion. In the made for TV movie,  “The Second Coming”(2003), depicts men in unflattering ways. The Christ figure is depicted as a virgin involuntary celibate single … Continue reading

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