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When were you called to sacrifice your life to serve others? Was it when you were so ecstatically happy to be among everyone in some kind of a group? Were you singing? Did you find your bliss in a rough … Continue reading

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Half of the Truth, Half of the Time. How the New York Times Discredited A Baltimore Demonstration.

The Page A1 story shows a burning building, attributes only violence and property destruction to “thugs” and “outsiders” and speaks only of rioters and of a police department ‘stretched thin’ by community violence. (The burning building is across town from … Continue reading

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Earthship Employment: 1 million personnel needed to serve as Fair Witnesses in North America.

Job Title: Fair Witness.  Description: Applicants will have the ability to report accurately what they see and hear without extrapolation or making interpretations based upon external or internal influences. Applicants will have received clearance for seeing and hearing accurately without … Continue reading

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Moral Injury.

The massacre at Nissour Square (Sept. 2007) was done by Blackwater mercenaries who thought that they heard gunshot and said that they were returning fire. When I was approached by one of their employees and told that my painting about … Continue reading

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The Good Samaritan. Chelsea Manning.

The Good Samaritan. Who was the good Samaritan? Chelsea Manning was and is the Good Samaritan. She saw her brothers being slaughtered in war crimes and she risked her life to report these to the world. One of the most … Continue reading

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New Peace Book: “A Global Security System. An Alternative to War.”

  The folks at WorldBeyondWar.org have written a book about how to create world peace. (The free ebook is at the site.) Here is the executive summary:   “Resting on a convincing body of evidence that violence is not a … Continue reading

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The Most Important Things I Learned Were Not Learned In The Classrooms.

“The most important Things I learned were not learned in the classrooms…or on the fields of battle in some war or on some isolated mountain top. I probably did not even have to leave my hometown to learn these things…When … Continue reading

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The Forever War.

  If you would like to protest the Forever War, there is organizing going on to meet in DC for a teach-in HERE.   To go further into the last frame of the story: Read Mohammed’s Stillborn Dreams.  

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The 2015 Authorization To Use Military Force Is A Highly Symbolic Document.

  It is the Authoritarianism: “The President (State of the Union 2012) has held up the military as an example for society to emulate. They don’t question whether their superior officers are misguided; in the President’s words: Most of Al … Continue reading

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Who is crazy?

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