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Moral Injury.

The massacre at Nissour Square (Sept. 2007) was done by Blackwater mercenaries who thought that they heard gunshot and said that they were returning fire. When I was approached by one of their employees and told that my painting about … Continue reading

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The Most Important Things I Learned Were Not Learned In The Classrooms.

“The most important Things I learned were not learned in the classrooms…or on the fields of battle in some war or on some isolated mountain top. I probably did not even have to leave my hometown to learn these things…When … Continue reading

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My Silly Peace Plan For Ukraine Is Just As Workable As Your Nuclear War Plan.

Vacations! You will save many millions of lives. It is affordable. For the price of one missile everyone who wants to fight goes on a cruise ship to the sunny, warm sexy place of their choosings. ¬†With some spending money … Continue reading

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Heroes of Moral Conscience. Unit 8200.

It Is Our Moral Duty To Act. “…We won’t continue to hurt non-violent dissenters just like we punish or kill the violent people. We won’t continue to spy on and hurt innocent people for political persecution. Our work prevented people … Continue reading

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